3 Advantages Of A Content Based Email Marketing Campaign For Internet Marketers

A content based email marketing campaign is defined as marketing your business strictly through content-rich emails where the email has both content and the promotion of products combined together. Typically, email marketing campaigns are usually one or the other… they either just focus on content or they just focus on selling a product. While that model has worked for a long time, it’s not a sustainable model that keeps everyone happy, and lots of people unsubscribe from lists. Since content based email marketing campaigns combine both elements together, they have tremendous advantages over traditional email campaigns.

1. The campaign promotes topics or subjects, not individuals – The focus of this model is to provide valuable content about a subject in every single email while sprinkling in recommendations for products or services that support the content. The subject can be anything from dating advice, weight loss, dog grooming, making money online, or whatever subject floats your boat. The products can be affiliate products or your own products, as long as the products support the content.

You see, most email marketing campaigns from Internet Marketers revolve around the individual. The emails are filled with information on how ‘they’ did something or how ‘they’ made tons of money. The email campaign usually starts out with great content (as it should) to build relationships, but then at some point the content stops so the marketer can sell some stuff and make some money. There’s nothing wrong with this model, but some people get turned off by this and they leave the list.

2. You don’t need to be an ‘expert’ to brand your business – One of the fears of Internet Marketers is they feel they must be experts before they can teach people something or before they can sell people something. That’s not true at all. Let’s say you have a business teaching people about buying and selling real estate. Now I’m assuming you have knowledge on how to do this and you’ve had some successes on buying and selling real estate. Remember, there are people every day getting into this business who are starting out at day 1.

In your content based emails, you’re giving them tips and techniques that you’ve learned on how to buy and sell real estate properly so they can make money. While you’re teaching them these valuable lessons, if there are products you can sell to further help them along in their learning, that’s perfect, and you don’t have to be an expert to recommend a product or service that you’re most likely already using.

3. You don’t really need a website or your own products, and you can start making money fast – Realistically you can use 100% affiliate products and never create your own product. You can go find 25 affiliate products for your business and promote them many times over throughout the email campaign. The benefit of this is you can start right away. Typical Internet Marketers get bogged down when it comes to creating products or creating websites. This model allows you to start selling immediately and making money right away.

You also don’t need a website because pretty much all email marketing services come with a web form that is live on the Internet, and you can drive traffic to that web form. The people simply opt-in to your list and that’s it. You don’t need a fancy squeeze page or website to host the web form. As you grow your business over time, you’ll probably want your own website, but it’s not necessary for this marketing model.

There are more advantages that come with this model, but these 3 are probably the biggest.

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