3 Simple Tricks For Getting A Better Response On Your Email Ad

One of the most important aspects of email marketing is that you get a good response on your email ad and maximize your sales conversion rates for people visiting your site or affiliate product. It doesn’t matter whether you have a list of 50 or 5000, without good ad copy and deliverable messages, prospects will not go to visit and buy your products. The good news it there are a few things you can do immediately which will greatly increase the people opening your emails and going to your site.

First and in my opinion, the most important thing you need to do is make attractive URLs. If you have your own domain, always use your domain as the URL even if you are promoting an affiliate site. Never promote ugly affiliate links as it makes you look unprofessional and trying to sell something. There are many services you can use to make your URL more attractive but I won’t go into that.

Second way to increase response on your emails is to make sure your subject is good. Use the persons name if you can in the subject and make your subject arouse curiosity. There aren’t too many tricks to this, just ask yourself “would I open this if I saw it in my inbox from someone else?”. If the answer is yes, chances are it’s a good subject line.

And Lastly, include your email address and of course sign your name. If someone sees they have a way of contacting you, they will take you more seriously and consider your offer.

The content and body of your email should be as short and to the point as possible. Make sure to emphasize the benefits of visiting your website or buying your product. Never order your reader to do anything, you’ll get better results when they visit on their own free will.

I hope you found these tips useful, they are just a couple things you should watch out for to make your subscribers more responsive.

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