7 Dollar Secrets Review – Should You Buy It?

7 Dollar Secrets Review – Alright, so you will have likely read the 7 Dollar Secrets sales page by now, and now you want to know more about it. Well, as an owner of the $7 Secrets report, I can tell you exactly what it’s all about.

First of all, it isn’t terribly difficult to understand. A newbie could follow the course without much difficulty. You will find that 7 Dollar Secrets has been well written, and you will have little trouble understanding the concept. That was one of the things I liked about it; it’s ease of use.

Another really cool thing that I want to tell you about in this $7 Secrets Review is that you will gain access to a script that will make it possible to use the 7 Dollar Secrets method. This script is also easy to use and understand, and it includes training videos.

So, what does 7 Dollar Secrets teach you to do? In a nutshell, it teaches you to create and sell 7 Dollar reports. Sound easy? Well, not quite; there’s a trick to it.

You will learn how easy information is to sell, and what’s more, you are taught what makes this method so powerful; the fact that you will be offering 100% instant commissions. Affiliates like these kinds of commissions, and they will be the ones who give you the most traffic.

You may be wondering why you would want to give up ALL of the sale to your affiliates. Well, it’s simple: you want affiliates to get the best deal possible. They will send you buyers, who’s email addresses you will be capturing. Once you build a list, you can directly sell even more 7 dollar reports to them.

$7 Secrets isn’t perfect though. It isn’t a tell all report. For one, it doesn’t tell you how to get initial traffic, and for another, it doesn’t tell you how to make a sales page. However, both of these things can easily be found on the internet, so that isn’t much of a problem.

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