A Template to Follow For Your Autoresponder

Get Autoresponder Software of Service Which Will Gather The Proper Info

Your autoresponder will send your letters out quickly and efficiently to your mailing list. You also want the autoresponder to give you some vital information about the potential clients, also. It is common knowledge that your signup form will collect the name, email and possibly other data from those who sign up. A good autoresponder will also be collecting other vital information from these people such as date and time of signup, IP address and perhaps even the browser name used when signing up. With all of the problems over spam mail there is this one additional problem: the legitimate marketer who if offering free goods or services in order to build a list must be able to prove her good intentions. With the IP address and so forth gathered and a Double Opt-in program, a marketer can prove that he is staying within the law and that he has good intentions. It is possible to get a hold of such autoresponders for under $100 although they will require some advanced level of expertise to install.

Set Your Basic Template To Display Your Proof of Double Opt-in

Many autoresponders include a feature called “masks” which can be placed in the email as it is prepared to be sent out. The mask automatically includes some of the gathered information about each client that is included in the database. In this way, each person’s email message will call them by the first name and include their email address. It should also plant their personal IP address and sign-up date and time into the email in order to prove that they asked for this service and that you are not spamming them. It may take some reading in order to understand how to use the masks. The programmer who sold the B F Autoresponder to me took the time to help me add a new mask to the template so that I could include IP addresses. The last thing we want to do is to be kicked off or our Hosting Service or ISP for spamming when it would be so easy to avoid that. When masks are in place your customer will get a personalized email with evidence in place to show that they willingly signed up.

Get or Design a Good HTML Email Templates For Each Email Campaign.

A good HTML template will provide a nice looking framework upon which to put your letter. HTML templates are the choice of most email marketers now and the leading online Email Marketing company, AWeber Communications, offers 150 ready-made HTML mail templates. These templates give your letter the appearance of a nice looking web page, because, in essence, that is what they are. I am not using AWeber since I wanted to take a little more time and save a little more money by installing my own autoresponder. In order to finish my project I looked for free HTML email templates on the web. I found that there were a number of nice looking HTML templates to be had for free. I very much liked the templates at campaignmonitor.com. A search will reveal many free templates, some nice looking and some not so nice.

The HTML mail template is built using tables and inline CSS rather than pure CSS and linked style sheets. This works better even though it is not the favored method for creating web pages in these days. In this way a template can be created which will look good in most desktop and online mail programs. The template which I chose looks fine in Yahoo and Lycos mail and also Outlook 2010 (although here the security settings required me to click a link to load the image files). There are a few minor hassles but on the whole, an HTML template helps you to achieve the sharp, catchy professional image that people have come to expect.

Make all Paths to Image Files Absolute

In must good HTML mail templates there will be images which form the striking features. When you get your template the “img” tags will have a relative URL to to the images in your folder. In order to make this work you will need to upload all of the images to a folder on your website and then write absolute URLs into the template that link to the images you placed on your server. The template will not work otherwise. In doing this the URLs in your template will look something like this: src=”http://www.example.com/images” _cke_saved_src=”http://www.example.com/images”. When you are done with these steps save this template where you can get at it in the future. You may want a template with different colors and styles for the different types of autoresponder campaigns that you conduct.

Write Effective Follow-up Letters

The writing of the letter is the finishing touch and most important part. Even though this might not be considered a part of template making here are a few suggestions for writing your letters.

  1. In the first letter remind the client in a sweet and polite manner that he is receiving this mail because of an offer that he signed up for.
  2. Be short and to the point. People don’t want to read a dissertation.
  3. Offer some helpful pointers that the person can use. Copy writing experts are frequently pointing out the effectiveness of building a bridge over putting on a hard sell.
  4. Ovoid the temptation to go into lengthy discussions about the technology of what you do or to spend time belittling your competition.
  5. As the campaign progresses you may want to throw in passing remarks about some of the good services you offer.

Here are some tips that will help you set up your autoresponder templates so that they effectively deliver your message. Keep your eyes open for the art of online marketing and autoresponders is changing all of the time.

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