Build A List Fast: A Guide To Rapid List Building

If you want to build a list fast then you need to understand how list building works and the purposes behind it.

Companies have been building lists almost since the dawn of the Post Office and the first stamp was printed. Mailing lists are gold mines to companies, allowing them to contact not only their customers but their prospective customers too, in order to sell for them.

Previously list building was expensive and time consuming, involving spend thousands of dollars on printing and postage. However, the Internet has revolutionized list building, making it suddenly very affordable indeed.

If you want to build a list fast then you need to get the technology behind list building right first.

Step 1 – The Autoresponder

You have to have an autoresponder before you can start list building. This is the database where your list is kept and where you send your mails from. It can be hosted by a third party company or you can host it yourself, both have their good points and their bad points, but it is up to you which option you choose. Trying to run your own autoresponder using your desktop email program is going to be extremely difficult, time consuming and ineffective, so it’s worth paying the small price to get an autoresponder yourself.

Step 2 – The Email Sequence

Without something to put in it, an autoresponder is a pretty pointless thing to have. Therefore you need to write some messages you can email out to people who join your list. These need to be high quality messages that are highly relevant to your list.

In order to write these messages well you need to really understand your target market and know what they want, what there problems are and what they are hoping to get from reading your messages. This will help you tailor your messages to get maximum response.

Some people load their autoresponder up with a year or two’s worth of messages, other people but in a few weeks worth and move on to the next step.

Step 3 – The Squeeze Page

This is where, traditionally, list builders get their leads from. It is a single page website designed with one purpose in mind – to build a list! People visit the site and are led down to the box where they put their email address in.

This page is something that you should spend a lot of time on and work to improve the conversion rate of it. Some people get a 60% conversion rate from their squeeze pages!

Step 4 – The Traffic

Without traffic, your squeeze page will not generate leads. Therefore you need to drive traffic either via paid advertising such as Facebook Ads or Google AdWords or through free advertising or the search engines themselves. The more traffic you get, the quick you will find your list grows.

You can build a list fast if you set up a good quality squeeze page with an irresistible offer and drive traffic to it. Waiting for traffic from the search engines can take a while but with paid advertising you can find yourself building your list very quickly.

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