Build Your List With Ease

So you have created your website, chosen your niche, selected some products to promote and made every effort to drive traffic to your site. You hear that the money IS in the list but…can you build your list with ease? You retorted and declared, “But I already have a list”. Sure. But what kind of list? The kind filled with those who are only interested in collecting freebies? The kind full of unresponsive subscribers?

It is a fact that the money IS in the list. No one can stress enough the importance of building a list. And you want to build a list that can generate income without you having to do much. The question is HOW can you build your list with ease.

Get Ready Buyers, Not Prospects Interested Only in Freebies

So we have established the importance of building a list. No, let me re-phrase that – we have established the importance of building a RESPONSIVE list. Most people have this notion that the more, the merrier. But the longer list you have does not translate to more income. But why? Think about it – everyone else is also trying to build their lists. And because building a list is important in this business, we have to accept that this IS the way to go no matter how competitive it may seem.

However, some are over-zealous in their communication to their potential customers, sending emails DAILY without a proper objective. They are happy that they have thousands of names in their list. But what they don’t realize is that they have missed out on something very IMPORTANT. Have they looked into EXACTLY what their prospects really want? Are they sending or proposing products/services that their potential clients would buy?

Ignorance of customers’ needs is a debilitating flaw that can be detrimental in this business. So the key about building a list is to understand what your customers want, what their needs are. Building a list is about you building a rapport – a relationship that last. You want your customers to develop a trust in you so that you will be the one they come back to when they need something in their business. Lacking in this is perhaps the reason why some people may have a list of thousands but not really generating income in the thousands!

A Responsive List as Opposed to Just a List

To build your list with ease takes time to master. But no one can refute that the more subscribers you have, the better the chance of you getting sales. The importance of building a responsive list is, however, often undermined with the focus directed to only building a list. This is why building a relationship and trust with your subscribers is important. If you are regarded as a reliable source, your sales would convert to more purchases. So the next time you want to send out an email to your subscribers, do re-think the schedule and content of your communication to them. Understand them, don’t overwhelm them.

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