Buy MLM Leads – Is it Worth It?

To answer this question specifically, We need to understand the critical activities of a network marketer and what makes him feel it is worth to buy MLM Leads. For the sake of convenience, we will limit our discussion to online marketing in this article.

Four significant Activities of Network Marketing

In brief, There are four critical activities a network marketer is usually involved in to run a successful network marketing business.

Traffic Generation: This is the critical marketing activity where a network marketer drives traffic to his lead capture pages. As we all know, MLM is a numbers game and success in the activities below is hugely dependent on the amount of traffic visiting the website.

Lead Conversion: Usually lead conversion is taken care by the lead capture page design. 97% of the network marketers use a predefined replicated corporate websites for this activity.

Build Relationships: It is a known fact that people join you and not your business. Network marketers are constantly working to build relationships with their leads either through emails or phone calls

Sale conversion: When you had earned the trust and have built the relationship with your lead, the lead will convert to a sale if the product offered matches his needs and the timing is right for him

As a network marketer, which activity would you like to dedicate more of your valuable time. Obviously, it should be on building relationships and sales conversion as they put money directly into your pocket. How do you build relationships and convert them into sales? You need a list of people who could be leads for your opportunity with whom you can interact either through by calling them or through emails. How do you generate this list? There are couple of ways to do it.

1. Set up marketing campaigns like a professional internet marketers in the industry to drive the traffic to your lead capture pages. As a professional marketer, you need to understand that network marketing is a numbers game and will generate massive leads as long as your lead capture pages are curious enough for the visitor to opt in to receive more information.

2. Buy MLM leads from lead generation companies out there on the internet.

Why do marketers buy MLM leads?

Its not their fault. They might have been told to do so by their sponsors who may not have invested time in learning simple and proven marketing techniques that could be passed on to their team

Is buying MLM leads worth your investment

1. When you buy MLM leads, You get a list of emails or phone numbers. Do you really know how these leads are generated? These leads might have been generated for a FREE product or service offered and may not be keen on starting a business.

2. Lets assume you started interacting with these leads through either email or phone call. What are the chances that your lead might open either your email or pick up your call? It is absolutely minimal because he does not know you personally and might consider you as a spam.

3. It is very hard to track the conversion rate of these leads every month as the source generating these leads might be different every month. How can you duplicate this strategy across your team when you do not have the numbers to back up with?

In my opinion, it is a waste of your time, money and energy. it is one of the quickest way to go broke.

How top producers play the game

If you want to be a top producer in the MLM industry, you need to understand how to attract opportunity buyers to your MLM instead of opportunity seekers. Opportunity buyer is a person who understands the network marketing potential and is looking for a way to achieve his dreams. On the other hand, opportunity seekers are skeptical about the opportunities they come across and are not willing to take action.

The best way to attract massive opportunity buyers to your MLM business is to learn and implement attraction marketing strategies to brand yourself, position as a leader providing valueand dominate in the search engines. You should pick one or at most two techniques that you are comfortable with, become an expert at it to generate massive targeted leads using personalized lead capture pages. The leads generated using attraction marketing strategies would know you before you have even called them and will be ready to join with their wallets in hand.

Once you are proficient in a particular strategy, you can outsource the marketing campaign ( just tracking the work done) and can free your time to either learn a new strategy or spend more quality time with the family. By Becoming an expert in a marketing strategy, you can duplicate this strategy across your team and also get more work done personally through outsourcing. That is real leverage of your time and energy in MLM.

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