Chris Mentor Me – Will Your Online Business Benefit From It?

Can you really learn to be a better marketer by taking a training course online? Chris Mentor Me is an online training program that teaches the basics of Internet marketing.

Large and small companies alike are moving towards the Internet to spread brand awareness and reach their customers on a more social level. With less people these days watching TV the old traditional way of marketing is no longer effective.

According to Chris Farrell, the creator of the Chris Mentor Me program, one of the biggest benefits of internet marketing is the fact that a wide audience of possible new prospects can be easily reached. Old hat marketing methods for small business like distributing flyers or newspaper ads are no longer effective in today’s market.

Advertising online is much more cost-effective for small business and includes the benefit of tracking the effectiveness of each visitor. With services like Google Optimizer small businesses and large business owners can easily split test several marketing messages in a quick period of time. Which allows them to tweak and test their online advertising in a way that wasn’t possible in the past.

Also it is quite common to see all the major big names on Facebook these days. Facebook fan pages are another way for businesses to connect with their target audience. Using free giveaways and contests to build there list of Facebook fans.

Facebook is a huge source of online traffic and is explained in great detail with the Chris Mentor Me online training course, plus some very slick list building tips for businesses that are interested in email marketing. Using Facebook businesses can now build an email list of targeted prospects in record time.

Gone are the days of full-page news paper ads which may or may not have been effective. Social media is the new wave of marketing but it also requires a different approach. In your face advertising does not work in the social media platform.

Marketing your product or service online requires a more delicate approach. Although, a bit of a learning curve, online marketing is the wave of the future. Split testing your marketing results and email marketing make refining your marketing message much more affordable than it’s ever been.

Businesses can now reach their prospects and expand there reach quicker than they ever dreamed possible. With internet enabled mobile phones, tablets and lap tops there are many ways to interact with your future customers.

Are you prepared to tackle marketing your product or service online alone? Do you know everything there is to know about Social media traffic? Are you building your email marketing list as quickly as you could be? It certainly is something to think about.

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