Don’t Build a List Unless Your Are Doing This One Key Element

So you think you want to build a list of people?

OK, list building 101 here, it is not rocket science, we can all do it if we just follow these simple steps.

Step 1 – Have a Lead Capture Page

Obviously we need to have a page that we can put an autoresponder on to capture emails.

Step 2 – Have a Lead Magnet

You have to look at list building just like getting a customer. There is no such thing as free. Even if you have a free report, it is costing the person their email address, which at times means more to them than money. Don’t treat it lightly.

Step 3 – Drive Traffic

With our page setup and our lead magnet in place, we need people to see it. We can get traffic from many different sources, including articles (you are hear reading this, right?), social media sites, video sites, any place on the internet you can place a link to your site.

The Key To Success

This is where a lot of people fall short. I have seen guys with list of 2,000 outperform a guy with a 100,000 list. Why, because they are cool with their list. Yes I said cool, that means they treat the list, not as a list, but as special individual people.

You have to speak to your list like you would a friend. Get to know the list and let the list get to know you. Treat the list as a person and you will see more and more people will like you and they will in turn buy things from you. I mean let’s not pretend why we wanted this list in the beginning.

People Don’t Buy From Jerks

Don’t be a jerk, be the cool person that gives them good useful information, offers them the best service available. In return your people will reward you.

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