Don’t Mess Up The Conversion Process With A Wet Hand – List Building

When a visitor hits your web page and decides to subscribe, they have started a virtual hand shake with you.

Your next two steps include a thank you page and confirming (opt-in) email. The thank you page is your chance to communicate for the first time after they have decided to put their email address in the box. The final step is the confirming (opt-in) email which is your second chance to communicate after they plugged their email address in the little box.

If they follow the complete path, they are a subscriber — if they don’t, you lost ’em forever.

Now, stay with me here. If you absorb the rest of this article, you will see tremendous improvement in your list building conversion process and you will build your list faster.

I have a question for you.

Have you ever shook someone’s hand and when you pull your hand away it’s all soaking wet?

You know, the other person had a wet sweaty hand. Yes, Yuck! The person with the wet hand didn’t take a second to wipe it first – they messed up their first impression with you. Getting your subscriber to complete the process is a lot like a hand shake. You get it right and you’re off to a good start. Get it wrong and you messed up the hand shake and your conversion went from interested person to lost subscriber.

So, I want to you to ask yourself the following question – am I reaching out to my visitor with a sweaty hand?

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