Email Copy Made Easy – How Wide Should Your Emails Be?

Sounds like a silly question, but it’s actually very critical to your internet marketing efforts.

Because let’s face it–you get a ton of emails every day. And some are only a few words wide while others are so wide you have to scroll across to read them. Is there a width that works best for marketing purposes?

Yes! And here’s why…

If the line width is too short, the eye has to jump too often. This fatigues the eye, because it’s not used to reading in this manner. So the reader clicks away because it’s too tiring to read the email.

If the email width is too long, however, the eyes get tired as well because they have to read across the entire width of the email-which in some cases goes clear off the space and you have follow with the scroll bar, then bring it all the way to the beginning just like an old carriage style typewriter.

So either way you’re going to lose your readers-not to mention the sale.

I suggest a line width of 55-60 characters. In all my years of writing autoresponder and email copy, this has proven to be the most effective width and the easiest to read.

Most text editors let you preset the width. If your text editor doesn’t do this, here’s a sneaky (and easy) way to do it:

–Bring up your window in your text editor.

–Go to the very top left hand corner and type in “0123456789.” That’s 10 characters.

–Copy that line and paste it back to back with the line you just typed. Now you have 20 characters. Then do it again, and you have 30 characters. Do it again, and you have 40 characters. Do it one more time, and you have 50 characters.

–Now go ahead and type your email. When you reach the end of the 50 character line, you’ll know it’s time to return.

Here’s one more hot top on writing your emails: don’t use fancy fonts. Too often I receive emails with colorful images and backgrounds with lots of emoticons and other distractions.

As a marketer you need to send email that’s fast and easy to consume. Stick with sans serif fonts, which has been proven to be easier to read online, or with the tried and true Times New Roman.

Avoid cartoon-like fonts like Comic Sans. Save the fluff for your personal emails to friends. Bells and whistles only distract from the message. Don’t go there. Stay with black text on a white background.

It’s easy to consume, and that’s what we want.

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