Email Marketing: How to Use Online Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Campaigns are used to get your message out to your subscribers. Use them to share information about your products and services. Be sure to share general information such as your history and purpose/objectives so that they can get to know you better.

Campaign Layout/Templates

Your Email Campaign needs a great layout. Fortunately there are many ways to create layouts or templates. You can choose from pre-designed layout grouped into various categories. Categories include Birthday, Holidays, Fitness, Food, Real Estate and E-Commerce. Usually your business falls into one of these categories so this saves you time and you can get straight into your content.

If you want more control and love being creative then you can create custom layouts or templates, then save them as templates for later use. You can choose to import templates from previous campaigns or create a template by coding it. This allows you to add your own unique touch to your email.

Don’t forget to add your logo and colours to promote your business or organisation.

Social Media Integration and Email Tracking

Social Media is a great way to connect to your audience. Therefore, Social Media integration allows you to inform persons about your campaign on various social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. This ensures that you reach a wider audience.

Email tracking options such as when subscribers open emails or click various URLs are great for gathering feedback. Remember to check if the service allows you to add Google Analytics for tracking traffic to your site. Use feedback to measure your performance and analyse your campaigns.

List Management

To send out your email campaign you need a list of subscribers. Many email marketing services allow you to manage more than one list so that your campaigns can target specific subscribers. You can invite users to join your mailing list by adding an embed code or link code on your website. Moreover, you can create a custom form for potential subscribers. Send the link for the form in an email or share it on your social media network. In addition you have the option to import or export your list in CSV format for further use.

Feedback/Campaign Reports

Gathering feedback allows you to learn from your mistakes. It also indicates what is working well so you can keep doing it. Email Marketing Services provide Campaign Reports which are used to provide feedback. They show the number of subscribers that received your campaigns, unsubscribers or complaints. Furthermore, determine the bounced rate for each campaign that was not delivered. Download reports for each campaign and then compare or analyse them further.

Now that you know more about using email marketing services you should setup and send your own campaigns. Practice on your family and friends first so that you can gather some feedback. Then send out your email campaigns to start promoting your business, organization or even your personal brand. Good luck!

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