Getreponse Vs Aweber – Which Email Marketing Service is For You?

Of all the email marketing services two standout above all the rest, GetResponse vs Aweber, and we will compare them in this article but first I want to walk you through the experiences that I have had with other email marketing services.

You know that you need email marketing services but you are not sure which one to choose. I remember when I was in that position and did a lot of online research to decide which had the best services, the services that I would use and of course, the cost for those services. When you do some research online you will find a number of email marketing services. The first email marketing services I used were in the network marketing industry. There were internal systems to manage your contacts, a sign up form, auto-responder, email templates, customized email campaigns and a database of your contacts so you could choose to email them anytime. There were problems with those systems of deliverability due to CAN-SPAM. I soon realized the power behind a system like that to build a tremendous organization in the network marketing industry. There is no question that I was able to accomplish A LOT more than the people that were using spiral notebooks!

The other systems that I had experience with were iContact which is no where as easy to use as Constant Contact. Constant Contact is the better of the two email marketing services but it does not have the power that Getresponse or Aweber. I use Constant Contact regularly and would be very happy with it except it does not have options that are needed to be one of the best email marketing services.

Another service that competes with GetResponse and Aweber and that is Vertical Response. It looks great but it is not the most common when it comes to email marketing services and although that does not mean it is not as good it is something to consider.

There is a new service that has come to the industry and it is so new that I don’t have much to report on it but visit my blog and I will be reporting on it. This new service is called Teamwork Revolution Power System.

That was a long intro to the heart of the article but I felt it was important to address those services to let you know what is available to you and may be applicable to your needs.

Now, without further adieu, GetResponse vs Aweber! Which is the best of the two email marketing services? I use the word best on purpose but I have to say that the use of the word best is not the right way to think about it. You need to determine which one has the services or other factors that are the most important to your business. They are clearly both great services and there are people that use both of them because they want to have the options that both of them have to offer. Here are the services that are important in email marketing services and then how do the two services differ.

Email Templates

Both GetResponse and Aweber offer email templates. This will save the newbie time if they do not know how to build a page from scratch. I personally love the opportunity to just choose a template, add my text and send it out.

Email Newsletters

Both companies offer the service to send your contacts a newsletter. With a couple clicks and creating your copy for your newsletter you are ready to send it out.

Sign up form

The sign up form is VERY IMPORTANT for building a list of contacts. This is one of if not the most important element for building an online business that will pay you well over time. The person that understands this concept knows what I am talking about. Both companies offer this service.

Opt-in process

In today’s Internet world of spammers it is vitally important to be using a opt-in or double opt-in service so that you do not get reported for SPAM and cannot defend yourself if someone wants to cause more problems. Both companies offer this service as well.

Email Analytics

Do you want to know how many people open the emails that you send out? Do you want to know how many emails bounce and don’t get delivered? Do you want to know how many people click on the links in your newsletter? Get all this valuable information from either company.

Autoresponder and email campaigns

When someone joins your newsletter or asks for a special offer you have made do you want to sit down and write them a thank you email or would you prefer for an email to be sent out to them automatically? Both email-marketing services will get your emails out automatically. You take some time to set up the initial emails and let them do the rest.

Email deliverability

Aweber has been in this business for 11+ years and has relationships that offer the highest deliverability rate in the industry. GetResponse has been in business for 10+ years and also have a great deliverability rate.


They are really so close in pricing, Aweber is $1 more per month.

So what really separates them? Which should you choose?

GetResponse has some cool media options but cost extra and they do have an Iphone app if you have an Iphone and plan to try to manage your emails on the phone.

What really caused me to make my decision is by reviewing what some of the most successful online marketers use. From my assessment it was Aweber so I made my choice to go with Aweber.

Best wishes to you in your online success!

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