Guaranteed Online Success – Build a Profit Pulling List for Guaranteed Online Success

The most profitable lists are not always the biggest.

Whew! There, I said it. I know the world is most likely ready to pass out from sheer shock of this statement and the concept that a 50 person list could dynamically rewrite history, but that’s the reality. Let’s focus on why this is truth.

There’s a lot of confusion about how big your list has to be, to be profitable online.

The primary thought is that if you have a large list of people that you’re sending information out to on a daily basis, that you’ll be making a profit from that list of people, because of the numbers. This may be true if you’re counting on each member of your list being responsible for a couple of dollars each, but the majority of your products won’t be $7 products… Or at least we hope not. You hope not. Because you literally have to sell thousands of product every time to make a profit from that concept market.

How about if you had 50 people who regularly buy your top ticket items and continue to grow and build their businesses right along with you? Would that maybe be a better deal?

Here’s how you create a profit pulling list of highly-targeted individuals who will buy your products and follow you – to the moon:

#1 – Create an irresistible offer.

You want something from them, so give them something of value. Give them something they can’t get anywhere else, from any other person on the planet, because nobody else has it. Give them a product you designed specifically to meet the needs of the person who hungers for what you offer.

#2 – Don’t stop growing your list.

Once you have a highly-responsive list of 20 or so (and most in business online have a list of more than 20 emails) you’ll want to continue growing your list. Double it every month for a while until you have 500 people on your list, then just keep growing. Once you’re there… Invite your list to invite people to your list and pay them for doing it – with another valuable, irresistible product.

Size doesn’t matter, but it doesn’t hurt either.

#3 – Get to know your list personally.

This one is important. Every now and then, look through your list and make sure you know who is on there. I send out a personal email every now and then, to just one or two people on my list. Invite them to tell you what they want from you. Share your ‘top secret’ with just one person and see how far it goes. You’ll be surprised at the results you get when you really take care of your list, as individuals.

Lumping them all together may work for most projects, but the real results will come from knowing some of your list individually and building those relationships. You need them as much as they need you. Let them know that!

Bonus – Develop relationships with people in your niche and do joint venture events that benefit both your lists.

Jump right in there and connect with someone who is in your niche and successful. Offer to reciprocate services, and share your list. Invite them to participate and show your list what they offer. You’re not really competing, you’re partners offering a bigger variety of services to your lists.

So, let’s get started right now by following these instructions and doing what needs done to build your list.

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