How to Motivate Your Affiliates

Pay a Fair Commission Rate – You’re going to attract better affiliates if you offer a high commission rate to start with. Starting at 50% is fair. After all, consider what the cost of customer acquisition is as well. Of course, you also need to ensure that you’re earning money too so this is easier to do if the product is digital over physical.

Incentivize Product Knowledge – You want to encourage your affiliates to try your products and buy from you. Some people require people to have bought their products to become affiliates. This worked for years for the Vitamix Company, very well. It might work for you too. If you can identify a super affiliate that you want to promote a specific product offer them the product free to encourage them to promote it.

Run Regular Contests – You can run many different contests such as whoever makes x number of sales by a specific date will get a prize. Make the prize something really nice so that your affiliates want to win it. Have contests during launch for each new product or service; build the affiliates up to the contest so that they’re fully educated at launch time.

Offer Special Short Time Increased Commission Rate Periods – Need to boost sales, just increase commission rates for a short period of time to encourage more promotion of a specific product. You can also offer higher commission for high sellers than you do for those who don’t sell as much.

Encourage Affiliates to Buy Your Products – Provide coupons and other incentives to get your affiliates to also purchase your products. The more they purchase and use them on their own the more likely they are to promote them in a more realistic fashion.

Offer Excellent Marketing Collateral – Give your affiliates great graphics, copywriting that they can make their own, special landing pages, and everything that you can give them so that they can market your products to their audience easily and proudly.

Finally, ensure that you always whether you’re running a contest or not, award top selling affiliates who go out of their way to promote your products. After all, without them, your sales would be a lot lower. If it was just you and no affiliates you would have to spend a lot more time and money acquiring new customers than if you encourage and motivate your affiliates.

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