How to Use Autoresponders Profitably

An interested visitor who has been browsing your website has at last found what she has been searching for and is ready to buy. It’s a sunny afternoon, and her dog who happens to be sitting nearby suddenly jumps on her priceless vase and shatters it.

In a matter of seconds, your visitor leaves your website, and your potential sale is lost – unless you have had taken advantage of an autoresponder by previously capturing her e-mail address. If you have had an autoresponder installed, you can get in touch with her later on with a follow up e-mail. It is most likely that you will make a sale after she has finished the job of spanking her dog.

Autoresponders have multiple functions. These are some ideas of how you can use your autoresponders creatively which will help you transform the casual visitor into a buyer.

You can use your autoresponder to:

1) Create a newsletter. Top-end autoresponders can automatically manage subscriptions and do a follow-up on potential customers. Your visitors will be constantly informed about your products, while at the same time you are establishing your company as an expert in this field.

2) Publish a newsletter exclusively for your affiliates. You can provide them with promotional material, tips, advice, techniques that will help your affiliates increase their commissions. The more money they make, the more money you will also make.

3) Distribute your articles. Distributing targeted articles is a powerful tool to build your business credibility, bring traffic to your website, and increase your sales potential.

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