Improving the Effectiveness of Your Lead Generation to Grow Your Handyman Business

In this article let’s discuss ways the handyman can improve the effectiveness of generating prospects from the marketing that they are doing. The first thing is that anytime you are trying to improve something you need to be measuring it, you need to be testing it, and trying to improve on the things that you are doing and there are three things that you should really focus on improving.

The first would be your headline. A lot of times this is going to be your Unique Selling Proposition and you need to be focusing on what you are offering them, or how you are going about getting the attention of the people you are sending your information to. Say, for example, you are focusing on real estate agents and you specialize in getting homes into tip top shape for quick sale. In this case, your headline may be something like, GGet your house into tip top shape and with one phone call I can quickly prepare your house for sale”. Whatever your unique selling proposition may be, you need to be testing that headline (it becomes your control headline) versus new headlines, and you need to keep testing it against something new until you find the one that performs the absolute best.

The last two things you need to look at would be testing and measuring your call to action and what you are offering. Your call to action is what you are using to tell people what they should do in response to your marketing. Examples are: call me, or email me, or stop by my office. You need to try different ones to see which give the best results. Also, test what you are offering to people in order to generate a response, whether you are offering a free special report, or a free bid or consultation, maybe a free video, or a free telephone interview. Whatever you are offering, test different ones to see which ones work best in order to improve the effectiveness of your marketing.

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