Is An Integrated Marketing Software Solution Right for Your Business?

If you do a search in Google for “Marketing Software” you will see there are 193,000,000 web pages that contain the search term on 9/16/2011. How are you to make sense of all of this information? There are thousands of software selections that can help you with your business marketing. How you evaluate these marketing software packages depends on your marketing goals.

Along time ago, in my younger days, a mentor of mine gave me a phrase that has stuck with me all these years. He told me to always apply the KISS principle. KISS stands for “Keep It Simple Stupid”. I want to recommend that you apply the KISS principle to developing your company or business online marketing strategy. Your online marketing strategy will need the following tools to support it:

  1. Website Designing
  2. Landing Pages
  3. Blogging
  4. Email Campaigns
  5. Social Media integration

To support website designing you need the capability to add/delete web pages, add/delete text on your web pages, and the ability to add/delete images to your web pages. You can choose to this work yourself or hire an outside web development company to perform this for you.

Landing pages should be used as a landing spot for specific marketing campaigns. Do not send web site visitors to your HOME page. Today’s visitors are not patient enough to navigate to the product page they are interested in.

A company blog is an excellent way for your to create an interactive communication channel with existing and potential customers. A blog also allows you to generate inbound links to your website, helping your SEO rankings.

Email campaigns should be used once a website visitor has expressed in interest in your products or services. Use a series of emails to nurture the lead into purchasing and becoming a new customer for your business.

Social media is an invaluable tool for acquiring new customers if used correctly. This process is a book in itself but i want to make one comment here: Look closely at who your customers are before deciding on a social media campaign. If your companies products and services suit a business, Twitter or LinkedIn would probably be a better media for your marketing. If your company sells to consumers, Facebook would probably be better than LinkedIn for reaching consumers.

When you look at the tools above, do you as a busy business owner or marketing manager have time to purchase a separate tool for each function? What about the cost of each software package? Why not consider an Integrated Software Package to help you with your marketing management? Imagine saving:

  1. Time
  2. Money
  3. aggravation

every week from this week forward when managing your marketing activities?

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