Lead Generation Tools – What Are the Must-Haves in Your Network Marketing Business?

People That become interested in pursuing a Network Marketing Business are going to need some tools in order to run their business. Now there are many opinions as to exactly what tools you are going to need, but there is no question in terms of the essential ones that you will have to have. In this article I will outline the must have Network Marketing Tools that every MLM’er must have in order to run there business.

I will mention three tools that must be in your Network Marketing tools arsenal if you are to survive and thrive in this business. They are:

1. Autoresponder

2. Keyword Research Tool

3. Website or blog (either is fine, although a blog might be better for search engine love as well as the social element)

Let’s talk about each one, one by one. Start with the Autoresponder. This tool will allow you to keep in touch with your prospects so that you can teach them how to start and grow there network marketing business. This is crucial as the most important element in MLM is duplication, and teaching your tech how to duplicate will allow your business to grow.

Also, and this is just as important, the Autoresponder allows you to send affiliate offers to your clients so that you can make money whether people join your Network Marketing opportunity or not. This is important as it allows you to make upfront money for marketing costs, as well as a good feeling that you are getting somewhere in your endeavor.

The next Network Marketing Tool that you must have is a keyword research tool. In your quest to get a grounding in your MLM business, you will no doubt have to put out content that you want ranked in the search engines so that people can find you. That is what a keyword tool id for. It allows you to find high demand/low competition keywords that will get you ranked and found on the web. Very important.

The final essential tool in your Network Marketing toolbox is a website or blog. Either is fine, but you will need this so you can make capture pages and sales pages so you can capture email addresses to build your list. Now when I say website or blog, I don’t necessarily mean full blown websites with thousands of pages. Just simple one or two page websites will do. You’re just looking to get them into your funnel. From there, the Autoresponder will take over.

And that’s it. There are other tools out there, but you will need these three Network Marketing tools if you are to have any chance of success.

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