Make Money From List Building

In internet marketing, list building is something not new anymore. List building entails the collection of name and emails from people who are interested in what you are promoting. For example if you are selling how to make money e-book, you would want your targeted customers to leave behind their contact or email address so that you can pitch to them or send them more information later on. The reason for doing so is that people normally will not buy from you the first time around as you have not built a credible reputation that can convince them to buy anything from you yet.

You will have to show these people that you are indeed knowledgeable in your chosen field. That you can provide them with the solution they need and keep providing them with valuable information. All these takes time and that is why list building is essential to your online business. Lets say you have a great website, with lots of information and lovely photos and killer sales letter. If your customer comes in, read your web content and leaves. Do you think he or she will come back to your website again? 99% will not revisit. They may have forgotten your website anyway.

How do build a list? You have to create an opt-in page where you give something free for example an e-book in return for their name and email address. Is one opt-in page enough? The answer is depends on how fast you want to build your list. People like Ewen Chia (World No.1 Super Affiliate) can easily own a few thousand opt-in sites to capture their leads. The more opt-in pages you have, obviously the faster you list building will be and the more leads you can collect.

So how is it possible the more people in your list, the more money you can make? According to Ewen Chia, you can on average make $1 from each person in your list per month. So if you have 300 in your list you can make $300 per month and if you have 1000 people, you can see $1000 per month or more. Why is that so? In theory, not all people in your list will buy from you. You maybe looking at 5 to 10% of them buying. So if you have a list of 300 people. 5% is 15 people who buy from you. If your product is selling at $20. You will be looking at a $300 income per month. Whereas if you already has a list as big as Ewen Chia, let’s say 5,000,000. 5% of 5 million is 250,000 people. 250,000 buying your $20 product makes you $5 million per month. Like the figure? Well, lets start building you list today!

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