Quick Fix Christmas Marketing

Christmas is nearly upon us and if you haven’t already, it’s time to up your marketing campaigns to boost your online traffic and sales. If you are yet to start your Christmas marketing campaigns, then you need to get started. With less than 12 weeks to go until Christmas, most marketers are already busy in the execution of their Christmas marketing strategy.

But, if you haven’t already started – do not worry, there are still practical steps you can take that can have a significant impact on your pre-Christmas sales.

1. Consider Affiliate Marketing – Speak to affiliate networks now about sourcing publishers to participate in your affiliate campaign. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you pay only for successful conversions or sales.

2. Online Advertising – Use online display advertising to run special offers across relevant sites to your target market, to increase interested visitors to your website. Or try a more blanket approach and display advertise with Google, Yahoo! or MSN. Increase your web presence in the run up to Christmas, but don’t forget a strong call to action or reason to click. And don’t forget the power of blogging to increase your search engine visibility. Start contributing to the blogs your customers read.

3. Pay Per Click – as well as ensuring your site is optimised for natural search, look at running additional pay per click campaigns in the run up to Christmas. As people search for specific gifts for their loved ones, make sure your ad and site is there at the top.

4. Email marketing – Now is the time to contact your customers with Christmas gift ideas. Use a Christmas email template to set the festive mood for your campaign and don’t forget to add a forward to a friend link so they can send the email to their friends and family to tell them exactly what they want for Christmas.

Don’t forget – you can be emailing your clients up to a few days before Christmas (don’t underestimate your delivery times however!). Find a good Christmas e-card or Christmas email template to get cracking on your Xmas e-campaigns today and don’t forget to send a Christmas e-card thanking your customers for their custom and reminding them about your January sales.

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