The Benefits of Sending Early-Morning Email Campaigns

Consumer habits and technologies are changing fast, and that means that brands need to think about how their marketing strategies will need to be adjusted to fit into the new way of doing things. One trend some email marketers have noticed is that people are checking their emails earlier and earlier in the morning – something that most likely ties in with the rise in mobile email usage. For many people, checking their emails on their mobile phones is now the very first thing that they do when they wake up, with many simply rolling over in bed while doing so. This new habit means that brands have a new window of opportunity when it comes to these early morning risers and email checkers – it seems the early bird can very well catch the worm!

First, analyse your data

Remember: while a trend does indicate changing consumer behaviour it still doesn’t mean that a new approach will work for all subscribers on your email list. That’s why it is important to have a look at any data captured in the last six months. Have a look at your engagement data and see if you can isolate a group of subscribers that have consistently clicked and opened a specific number of mailers during the early-bird morning hours as determined by their time zone. Now, have a look at the behaviour of this particular audience – which content topics are motivating their actions? Are there specific subject lines that may be catching their yes and what kind of demographic does this group represent? All this information will start to give you as a brand a clearer picture of your early-riser consumer.

Create relevant content for the right group

After you’ve analysed the data you have on your new niche group, it becomes important to plan a mini content marketing strategy around them. The only way to really engage with consumers on a personal level is to share content with them that they will find interesting, useful and relevant to them as consumers. By making use of a profiled database – whether your company’s own or through email database rental means that you’ll be able to create more personalised campaigns – which is exactly what you need to do in this case.


While the early morning email checkers are already doing what you want them to do by opening and clicking on your emails, the actual journey towards conversion may take a bit more of a push. As with all email marketing, incentives have been proven to work well to drive actual sales. In the morning, subscribers viewing your emails may not have their credit card nearby or feel ‘awake’ enough to make a purchase decision, which is why a good incentive is absolutely essential in this case. An interesting option to consider may be to make the incentivised offer time sensitive – almost like the reverse of last-minute deals. Reward your early risers by perhaps giving them special discount or treatment if they purchase in the morning right after receiving your mail.

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