Top Priority – Building a QUALITY Email List

What’s a Good Email List Worth?

Traffic from a list of targeted prospects is without a doubt, the absolute best type of traffic you can send to any offer. These people, by signing up, have already expressed an interest in your offers.

It’s been widely noted that on average, a clean list of targeted prospects, will produce a monthly income of about $1.00 per member. Using that figure, a quality list of ten thousand subscribers could be worth $10,000 a month to you.

Of course, you’ll have to be selective in choosing the right offers to present and you’ll need to present your offers in a compelling way.

Taking Care of Your Subscribers

Quality email lists must be nurtured. You want to provide useful information and guidance to your list. Don’t try to sell them something in every message. Instead, give them helpful tips they’ll appreciate.

You’ll have to judge for yourself about how often to email your list. Some marketers email their list every day. Others send email only occassionaly. I’ve even seen marketers that send email to their list multiple times a day. Send too often and you run the risk of becoming a nusiance. Wait too long between emails and a lot of your subscribers might not even remember who you are.

Automation Keeps Your Subscribers Interested

This is where an auto-responder comes in handy. You can setup an auto-responder to send a welcome message to new subscribers right away, as soon as they sign up. Let your new subscribers know you’re there to help them and guide them. You want to build rapport so that when you do try to sell them something, they’ll already have a favorable opinion of you. They’ll trust that whatever you’re recommending is really in their best interest.

Above all, be totally honest to your list. Never recommend a purchase that you know isn’t right for your subscribers – you’ll lose their trust. Trust is something you gain over a period of time, but you can lose it in an instant. Treat your subscribers as you would want to be treated and they’ll love you for it!

Quality, Not Quantity!

If you visit some of the online marketing forums, it seems there’s always somebody bragging about the size of their list. They’ll tell you they have hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

But what they don’t tell you is that they’re not making many sales. When they built their list, they were more interested in quantity instead of quality. They probably have a large portion of their list comprised of ‘freebie seekers’.

What’s a freebie seeker? A freebie seeker is on a quest to get as much free stuff as possible without spending any money. They’re not interested in buying anything – free stuff only. No matter how good your offer may be, don’t expect to get many sales from a list of freebie seekers. Freebie seekers have a single goal – to get as much stuff as they can for free – they’re not likely to ever buy anything, so they’ll just waste your time and resources.

A small email list that’s comprised of targeted prospects can be far more productive than a larger list that isn’t targeted. By building your email list with subscribers that are genuinely interested in your offers, you’ll be positioned for a much more successful email marketing campaign.

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