Earning Money With AdSense – Researching Other Sites to Increase Your AdSense Cash

AdSense has had a huge impact on Internet advertising and online revenue streams. AdSense marketing works really well with most sites. If you are offering affiliate products and are not making the money you want, consider adding or changing your marketing to include Google AdSense to earn some cash.

Google provides well written, highly relevant ads that match the content on your web pages. A simple cut and paste of code provided in AdSense and your advertising is started. The ads come from people advertising on the AdWords network with Google and you are paid a percentage of the income as a commission when someone clicks on the link.

You don’t even have to spend time choosing different styles or kinds of ads for different pages where the content varies and you can use the same code on every page. The ads will reflect the content of your page.

In turn, this means you are able to focus your efforts on providing high quality, useful content for your readers, with only a small tweak or two to your writing to ensure you are using good keywords to bring the right kind of ads onto your page. Google AdSense is responsible for finding the best ads for your pages.

Even if you do have affiliate links, you can still use Google AdSense to create another income stream.

You can even filter results from your page where sites don’t meet your guidelines. You can even block direct competitors ads from your site if you wish.

If you have a blog or website, you only need to put in a simple piece of code and the ads will be available within ten minutes on your pages. It is simpler than applying and tracking multiple affiliate programs.

The best way to use AdSense on your pages is to make a start and follow the results. Testing is always important as different locations on your page, colours and the ads themselves have an effect on the effectiveness of your campaigns. AdSense provides near to realtime reporting, so you can easily see how a particular ad block is performing on any given day. Always use channels when creating AdSense ads to make sure you can see what is performing and what is not.

Payment rates can vary greatly and the payment per click depends on what the advertiser has paid per click to advertise with AdWords. Since advertisers can pay as little as USD 5 cents per click and upwards of $20 the result per click can vary greatly. One solution is to try to target the right keywords and phrases that have the most competition and highest pay per click price. See other AdSense articles for more information on how to target keywords.

If you aren’t getting results, try changing the pages around, or altering the colours of your AdWords ad and link blocks.

Look at other web pages with similar content to that content you are planning to create and see what kind of AdSense ads they use. You can also look at the style of page they are using and also the format and plan to create something similar. However, never copy exactly what someone else is using, just get a general idea.

All you need to do then is start turning ad topics into information and you can end up with a lot of cash in your account.

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