How to Make Money With Google AdSense and Flood Your Bank Account With Instant Cash

When I first started out on Google AdSense I could barely make a few dollars a day. My website received a lot of traffic and believed that I needed to build hundreds or thousands of websites to earn a significant income. The following tips are tried and tested. Use these wisely and you will see your AdSense income significantly increase.

I found the layout the most important consideration to make when designing your website. Get this wrong and leave thousands of dollars on the table. The 336X220 unit performed the best for me because it resembles content on a website. I also found the best area to place your adverts below your top menu bar. This blends in with the website and having this near the top of the page increases the click through rate without making the advertising too obtrusive. If you place your advert near the bottom less people will see it and this will reduce your click through rate.

I found the color scheme the second most important aspect of Google AdSense. You need to make your adverts look like content. Use a white background on your website and let your adverts also use a white back ground and blue as the color representing the text link. This works well as it makes the advert look like content and does not look like an advert. Blue works very well to represent a link because internet users are used to seeing blue as the default color of a link in a HTML page. Also remember to make the url at the bottom black as well so as not to detract your user’s attention from clicking the link text.

Google link units can help you to earn extra money for topics related to your theme. Locate these link units in your menu scheme and blend the colors so that they look part of your navigation system. This makes them not look like an advert and improves the click through rate substantially.

I suggest using Wordtracker to do your keyword research. I started optimizing one keyword everyday for the less competitive terms and within a few months doubled the traffic on my website. Basically find keywords with not too much competition and make sure that the content on your page matches. Optimize the Title and Heading and use the keyword 2 to 3 times in your body near the beginning and near the end of your page.

Build fully automated websites that users can upload content. Users’ on my website created hundreds and thousands of pages for me saving me hundreds of hours to create content myself. Search engines spidered and indexed these pages. The more content uploaded by users meant more traffic and this meant more money from Google AdSense.

Capture your visitor’s email address when they visit your website. This will give you the opportunity to send them emails over and over redirecting to specific AdSense pages and increase your income.

A picture directly positioned above your advert draws attention to it. Exercise caution here and not put any misleading pictures up due to this being against Google’s terms of service if your user clicks on an advert because it looks related to your picture.

You can use this AdSense code for more accurate content targeting on pages on your website getting untargeted adverts. You need to ensure at least 20% of your content exists in between the tags for Google to interpret the content correctly and show matching adverts.

Place your most important content between the following tags:

This will help AdSense to target your adverts to the most important content without getting confused on the unrelated content on your web page. However, make sure you put sufficient important content between the tags otherwise your adverts may not match your content and it can take up to two weeks for this to come into effect.

Build tens or hundreds of websites and apply the Google AdSense advice here and make thousands or tens of thousands of dollars from your Google AdSense income.

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