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Bonus Items for RankSnap

RankSnap Bonus #1 - TRAFFIC IGNITION

All businesses have 1 thing in common...


One powerful way to get more customers is to have more targeted prospects visit your site.

Let's say that you sell a product that makes a $10 profit per sale and you have a 2% conversion rate. So for every 100 prospects that see your offer, 2 of them will become paying customers, and you'll make $20.

If you haven't done much to promote your site, you may only be getting 8 or 10 visitors per day, so it might take 5 days to get 100 visitors. And you'll end up making $20 - in 5 days. That works out to $4 per day. Do you like Ramen Noodles?

Now let's spice things up a bit by adding more traffic to the equation. No changes to your offer, just exposing your offer to more targeted prospects. By increasing your traffic to 100 visitors in 1 day, you'd now make $20 in a single day. Forget the Ramen Noodles - you can have a balony sandwich and a pickle!

OK, you understand that more traffic = more sales = more money in your pocket. But $20 a day is really nothing much to brag about.

What happens if you promote your offer to 1000 targeted prospects in 1 day? At the 2% conversion rate, that would mean 20 sales at $10 profit each, for a total of $200 for the day. That's 50 times the original $4 per day. Not bad.

That's what more traffic can do for you and your business - Traffic Ignition makes it happen!

Have a new site with zero traffic?

Or maybe your site isn't so new, but you still have little or no traffic.

Either way, you need to get things moving if you want to make money.

You probably spent a fair amount of time, getting your site up & running. You checked everything - the colors were perfect, eye-catching images, maybe even a video. You made sure everything was just right.

And your site had the greatest offer ever. Everyone who saw your offer would surely want to become a customer right away. All you had to do was sit back and wait for the money to roll in!

So you waited...

And then, you waited some more...

But those huge crowds of prospects, with their credit cards in hand - well, they never showed up.

At this point, you probably felt like the whole 'doing business on the internet' thing was a big waste of time. You tried your best, and it just didn't work!

It can be discouraging, I know. Been there, done that. But there's hope, so don't give up!

Like many entreprenuers that come online seeking their fortune, you wanted everything to be perfect before going public. Only after everything passed your personal, critical inspection would you unleash your offer to the world.

The day finally came when you officially opened for business. But nobody showed up. There were no crowds of hungry buyers. If you listened closely, you could hear crickets in the background.

The reason you didn't achieve success with your offer is that you left out one key factor - PROMOTION!

Without promotion, a terrible thing happens - NOTHING! [PT Barnum, Great American Showman & Promoter]

No matter how great your offer is, if no one sees it, your sales will never get off the ground. That's a fact!

Getting the traffic your business desperately needs to grow usually isn't quick, easy, or cheap. But getting that traffic is vital, if you're to survive in today's competitive market!

How Do You Get Traffic Now?

Do you depend on Pay-Per-Click ads, like those on Google and Bing? Seems like the price of the clicks keeps going up, while the quality of the traffic is deteriorating. As a PPC advertiser, you could end up paying more and getting less - a lot less.

Same thing with ads on the social networks. Advertising your offers gets more expensive day by day.

But then, there's FREE traffic. Everybody likes free! What's NOT to like - It's free!

Yes, it's free - at least in regards to paying money. But 'free' traffic has several drawbacks -

First of all, getting free traffic normally involves posting all over the internet. Posting to blogs, forums, twitter, facebook and all the rest of the social networks. It's a tedious, time consuming job that you have to keep repeating - over and over.

OK, you might do all that posting a few times, but the process will get old quickly. And it might take quite a while before anything happens.

Most people fail at getting free traffic because they become discouraged and quit before they see any positive results.

Paid Traffic Too Expensive!
Free Traffic Too Much Work!

If paid traffic is growing too expensive and free traffic takes too much time - What can you do to get the traffic that's crucial for your business?

That's where 'Traffic Ignition' comes into the picture.

Traffic Ignition employs a tested and proven strategy for getting the traffic you need - without tedious posting and without breaking your budget.

The traffic isn't free, but the results can be highly cost effective.

When you deploy Traffic Ignition, you won't have to wait long for results.

You could be getting 'targeted' prospects viewing your offers within a matter of minutes. These are real people who have expressed a genuine interest in your offer and they want to do business with you. You can't get any better traffic than that!

Whatever you're selling, Traffic Ignition can put your sales message in front of the right prospects, greatly enhancing your sales. You'll be able to present your offers directly to prospects that are highly interested in doing business with you.

Traffic Ignition
Traffic Ignition is Inexpensive to Implement - You can get started with a minimal budget. This enables you to test and fine-tune your offers for best results. Then, after you have an offer that that you're happy with, you can go BIG for even more sales.

Traffic Ignition Produces Positive Returns - A properly tuned Traffic Ignition promotion can work wonders. If you could turn $1 into $2, how many times would you do it?

Results are Repeatable - Just restart your Traffic Ignition promotion any time you want a sales boost. New prospects will soon be on the way!

Action Scaleable - Ready to Ramp Up for even bigger profits?

If you need targeted traffic to your offers, Traffic Ignition can work wonders for you. Command a large influx of targeted prospects any time you want.

It's Cheap to Try!
Test & refine your offer for maximum results, even with a tiny budget.
Produces Great Returns!
If you could turn $1 into $2,
how many times would you do it?
Results are Repeatable!
Your Fine-Tuned offer produces consistently profitable results
Action is Scaleable!
Ready to ramp up for even bigger profits?
Don't delay - download Traffic Ignition Video Series today and finally start getting the traffic you need for more sales!

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RankSnap Bonus #2 - FAST SALES PITCH

What is a Sales Pitch?

And Why Does it Matter?

A 'sales pitch' is a presentation you deliver to a prospect to convince them to make a purchase.

Sales pitches are usually attention grabbers. They make a strong appeal to your prospect's emotional thought process, in an attempt to close a sale. Sales pitches can be delivered in person or on your website.

If you study sales psychology, you'll find that prospects make buying decisions based on emotion and then use logic to justify their purchase. This is an important point to remember in creating a sales pitch.

You could have the greatest product in the world, but if your sales pitch doesn't perform, your sales will suffer.

Discover how you can create your own record breaking sales pitches, quickly - with 'Fast Sales Pitch'

Your sales pitch is the most important part of your entire online marketing strategy.

You could have a great product and loads of traffic, but if your sales message doesn't perform, you're wasting time and money!

Having a defined, well planned sales process is key to being successfull at selling anything, anywhere. This is especially true when you're selling online, because your sales pitch is a one way conversation, presented to the prospect.

In order to create the winning sales pitch that covers all the bases and leaves no doubt in the prospect's mind that he needs to buy from you, you must not only explain the benefit of becoming a customer - you must also anticipate probable objections and address them.

Think about this -


It's absolutely true. It doesn't matter what you can invent, manufacture, repair, build or whatever - the statement holds true...


Did you ever think it was possible... to create a record breaking sales pitch in just minutes? Even if you're a beginner at online marketing, you'll discover how to craft top performing sales pitches that will be the envy of your competitors.

Generating new sales is hard work. But, imagine if you were given the exact process the best sales reps in the world use to reach their targets.

Or even better: What if you were given a proven formula that helps you close more deals.

You would want it, right?

Did you know - 20% of top sales reps close 80% of all sales deals.

Why are they closing so many deals?

Well, they're using proven sales techniques that propel them, from being a sales rep that just meets their targets, to a sales rep that consistently brings in more sales and outperforms everyone else on the team.

Their little secret?

It's their 'secret' formula for creating a high performance, record breaking sales pitch.

And once you understand the formula, you too can quickly create award winning sales pitches that get results.

'Fast Sales Pitch' is a video series that will enlighten you to the method and madness of creating high performance sales pitches that produce jaw-dropping results.

With Fast Sales Pitch, you'll be creating top notch sales letters AND high powered video sales letters! That's right - Fast Sales Pitch works great for video sales letters too!

You'll discover the prized sales formula that you can use to create high converting and award winning sales letters in just minutes!

When you learn how to leverage the same persuasive tricks and techniques that big sales producers use, your sales pitch will be so compelling that your prospects can't help but to buy from you.

Don't delay - download Fast Sales Pitch Video Series today and finally start getting the powerful advantage you need to make more sales!

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What is Conversion?

And Why is it Important?

In the world of sales, conversion is the transformation of a prospect into a paying customer.

This is the moment all sales people have as their goal - to make a sale.

I always feel a strong sense of pride whenever I'm able to convert a looker into a buyer. I understand that my customer trusts me to be honest and truthfull in my representation of my offer and that I have his best interest in mind. And that's a trust I would never betray.

People can generally tell when they're being fed a line of BS. Their instincts can set off an alarm if you're not being straight with them.

Would you be interested in learning proven ways to dramatically increase your sales and conversions?

In the Master Conversion Video Series, I'll reveal what is causing you to miss out on a LOT of potential sales and how you can immediately start seeing an upswing in your profits.

The Importance of Conversion!

The most important factor in the success of your online business is your conversion ratio. Your ability to convert visitors into buyers will make or break your Internet business.

Why do people buy?

The first key to increasing your conversions lies in understanding why people buy.

Research shows that people make a decision to buy based on emotional thinking and then justify the purchase with logical thinking.

Psychologists tell us that people, in their own mind, must rationalize their decisions. They'll buy something because they 'want' it. Then they'll try to convince themselves that they really bought because they 'need' it.

Hint - If you can get prospects to 'want' your offer AND give them logical points to justify the purchase, you'll sell more.

Why aren't you selling more?

We all want to excel at sales. We all sell something, and if we don't sell a product or service, we sell our ability to solve a problem. Most people don't excel at sales, not because they lack a natural gift, but because they lack the know-how and skills.

Customers have to be convinced mentally and emotionally to take action. If their senses aren't engaged, all the logic and reasoning in the world won't persuade them to buy.

Successful Internet marketers know that trust and rapport create revenue. Shoppers surf the Worldwide Web looking for someone to trust. Your website is an ideal tool for building trust and rapport with customers.

Master Conversion Strategy

The Master Conversion Video Series reveals the strategy that will show you how to instantly turn your lukewarm, tire-kicking prospects into rabid, cash-paying customers.

These exciting videos reveal an incredibly powerful way to close more sales by tripping deep-seated emotional triggers in your prospects - and it works like crazy!

Use what you learn to grow your mailing lists fast, make more sales and squeeze more money from the traffic that most marketers ignore - this will blow your mind!

Discover how to convince your readers and boost your conversions. Learn how to simply write in a way that will quickly boost your conversion rate.

Learn the art of creatively writing in such a way that you can stress the importance of the product to such a degree that the reader feels like they need to purchase it. It's been used for thousands of years to drive sales and it can make such a difference to whether a customer purchases through you or a competitor.

Master Conversion will help you to put together all the pieces of the puzzle, it'll show you why one word or phrase is better than another and by the end you'll be writing far better offers that get more sales.

Master Conversion is NOT your typical training course. In fact, Master Conversion holds the missing pieces of the puzzle that most aspiring entreprenuers are desperately looking for - how to develope their selling skills into a highly profitable enterprise.

Don't delay - download Master Conversion Video Series today and finally start getting the powerful advantage you need to make more sales!

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RankSnap Bonus #4 - AUDIO LIBRARY PRO

Over 1450 Royalty Free Music Tracks

Plus 500 Sound FX

Background music plays an important role in your videos and presentations.

Music is a powerful way to move your message forward and create emotion that keeps your viewers involved.

How would you like your audience to respond when they view your video? Do you want them to be excited about your new product launch, or should they feel relaxed and calm, like on a lazy summer day?

Just about any feeling or attitude you want to create, good quality background music and sound FX can help you real your goal.

The primary role of music in videos and presentations is to enhance the effect the video has on the viewers. In most presentations, the music accounts for more than half of the impact. It ensures that if nothing else, people remember the catchy tunes.

Did you know that videos with NO background music have a harder time keeping a person's attention?

Here's how background music can help you...

It sets the mood of the entire video.

Instead of talking about something, make people feel it instead. Whether you choose to set the mood of a lazy Sunday morning or the energetic beats of the workday, background music will help set the stage for your message. It also gets your point across faster.

It keeps people interested.

Don't bore them to tears...

Don't make them click away.

Images and words that move in time to the beat can mesmerize people and keep their attention.

It makes your video professional and polished.

Having background music means you put more thought into the production of your video. It'll make your family and friends go 'WOW' and your customers will say 'This company knows what they're doing'.

Quality audio tracks can add an extra dimension to your videos and really bring them to life.

This collection has over 1450 high quality, royalty free music tracks you can use in your videos. All the tracks are royalty free and you can use them as much as you want without worrying about copywright issues.

Also included are over 500 sound FX you can use in any of your productions.

Purchasing individual music tracks can really put a dent in your budget. Tracks routinely sell for as much as $49 each!

Take a look for yourself at these vendor sites -


In many cases, when you purchase a music track from these vendors, the license is good only for a single use. In otherwords, if you use the music track in a video and then later you want to use the same music track in another video, you'll have to buy another license. There goes another $49!

Here are a few samples -

Don't delay - download Audio Library Pro today and give your presentations and videos a powerful advantage to attract more prospects and keep their attention!

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RankSnap Bonus #5 - SEO from the Darkside

Discover Blackhat Tactics

Exploit the Search Engines

Just about everyone that's trying to do business on the internet would agree that getting traffic to your offers is probably the most important aspect of operating a successful online endeavor. After all, if you don't have anyone viewing your offer, you won't make any sales.

You could have the greatest offer in the world, but if you're not getting lots of exposure, you can't expect to gain many new customers.

One of the absolute best ways to get qualified prospects viewing your offer is to have a steady stream of them being sent by the search engines.

Search engine traffic is highly advantageous for several reasons. First of all, search engine traffic is laser targeted traffic. Someone went to their favorite search engine and actively searched for an offer such as yours. If your offer shows up in the search results, there's a good chance you'll get an interested prospect looking at your offer.

Besides being highly targeted, search engine traffic has the big advantage of being free. No advertising fees, no pay per click fees - it's free!

But getting your offer to place high in the search engine results has become increasingly more difficult, as more competition comes on the scene.

In days gone by, ranking a website in the search engines was easier than it is now. You could stuff your page with keywords and expect lots of traffic from the search engines. But the search engines caught on quickly and fought back against such tactics.

But those who wanted to restore their 'blackhat' search engine rankings devised more ways to fool the search engines into turning the traffic flow back on. And so, the ongoing fight between blackhat marketers and the search engines continues.

These blackhats are a smart and inventive bunch, always managing to stay one step ahead of the search engines. By the time the search engines catch on to the latest trick of the blackhats, they've already moved on to another blackhat method.

The main problem with blackhat methods is that they exploit 'loopholes' in the search engine ranking software routines. This means that whatever blackhat methods are used, they'll only work until the search engines modify their software to make them ineffective. The bottom line is that if you want a quick traffic boost, blackhat tactics can make it happen, but don't count on the traffic remaining steady over a long period of time. Short term traffic - yes. Long term traffic - no.

So, if you want a short term traffic boost, blackhat tactics, as revealed in 'SEO from the DARKSIDE' may be just what you need!

Don't delay - download SEO from the Darkside today and discover 'underground' methods to exploit the search engines for more targeted prospects!

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Discover Dirty Marketing Tricks

and Make More Sales

Many of the well-known internet marketers(AKA Gurus) use dirty marketing tricks, even though they usually won't admit it.

In essence, they employ strong psychological influence to persuade prospects to take action, turning lookers into buyers.

Sometimes, these tricks are quite subtle and slip by without notice. Other times, they can hit you hard, right between the eyes.

Either way, these methods get results!

As a result, these marketers rake in lots of cash - every day!

What is a Dirty Marketing Trick?

and Why You Need to Know...

Dirty Marketing Tricks are sly, psychologically sneaky tactics designed to get a specific reaction from a prospect. This could mean getting more signups to your mailing list or convincing more prospects to make a purchase.

Dirty Marketing Tricks are NOT illegal or unethical, but they are crafty. They're NOT scams or rip-offs. Their purpose is to make more sales!

You KNOW You

Want to See This!

You need to at least be aware of these Dirty Marketing Tricks so that you can use them to boost your sales...

And so that you can protect yourself from becoming victimized when these marketing tricks are used by crooks.

You've got to admit - you're curious, aren't you?

You KNOW you want to see this!

If you're not putting these Dirty Marketing Tricks to work for your business, you're losing money!

Don't delay - download Dirty Marketing Tricks today and discover tricky methods the big players use to Make More Sales!

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Best RankSnap BONUS Offer

Now that you've had a chance to view this RankSnap Bonus Package, I think you'll agree that it's the best bonus package of all. I've included high quality products that will help you to achieve greater success with your business.

Go ahead and take the next step forward in growing your business - click the 'Download RankSnap + Bonus' button now. RankSnap comes with a full money-back guarantee, so if you're not happy with RankSnap for any reason, just request a full refund and you'll get every penny back.

With a 100% money back guarantee, you can't lose - and you'll get the best RankSnap bonus offered anywhere.

Click the button now and download RankSnap along with the entire bonus package to include everything you see on this page!

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