3 Ways To Get Your Customers To Start Chasing You

There is a big difference between the marketing techniques of a doctor and that of a salesman.

Patients are always chasing doctors, they visit them at their location; and doctors are seen as authority figures, and they get a lot of respect.

On the other hand salespeople are always chasing potential customers, they make house calls, they are seen as an annoyance, and are constantly rejected by customers who think they know everything.

Which one would you rather be?

Its time that we as small business owners started acting more like doctors than sales people – and get our customers chasing us instead of the other way around.

Here are 3 great ways to start motivating your customers to chase you – and make your marketing, and your life a little easier.

1. Stop chasing your customers.

You will notice that the more you chase, the more you lose respect. I know that from the dating world. If you stop chasing your customers, you will find that your customers will have to chase you – because they will now see the desperate need they have for what you have to offer.

Also, you will realize that you have been chasing the wrong customers – because there are loads of people who are desperate for your products and services in the market right now. So make some guidelines for yourself, like “I will only make one call to follow up.” Or, “If a potential client misses a meeting, he or she gets only one chance to make it up.” etc.

2. Share your expertise with the world.

The truth is that people chase experts. If you have expertise – don’t keep it under a rock. Share it with the world. Start a blog and share your ideas. Write articles and put them online. Write an eBook or regular book about what you are really good at. The people that are searching for your information will find you.

3. Make it easy to find you.

The more you create a presence for yourself online – the more easy it will be for your ideal customer to find you. The great thing is that there is a lot of great and free technology that can make it really easy for you. Article submission directories, free press release sites, online directories, blog sites, RSS aggregators, social media, hubs, lenses, etc. are all ways to easily get your expertise to the world.

The best part, is that all of these get you more traffic to your website, and blog, as well as increase your rank in search engines like Google. So if you want to keep chasing after customers, make cold calls, get daily rejection, and spend all your time networking with little results – be a salesman. If you want some respect, to be seen as an expert, have your customers chase you – and make more money, start thinking like a doctor.

So… which one will you be?

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