5 Reasons for PR in Your Small Business

There are many reasons to use PR in your small business, here are seven that will help you understand that you need to begin to use this resource to create more customers and get more sales. It literally means more money in your pocket.

1. PR will help you stay top of mind- When people read a story about your or hear you on the radio, you are literally reminding them about your services. Your future customer is not thinking about you. They need constant reminders because there is so much information out there. By hearing an interview or reading about you, they are reminded that when they need that product or service you are the best bet. This means more customers and more money.

2. PR will Stretch your Ad budget-No small business has and unlimited budget for advertising. You have to make some hard decisions about where and when to advertise. If you are just advertising on social media and sending out emails, you are missing the boat. However, if you have invested in real advertising to real clients, publicity helps stretch that dollar. It gives your future clients another chance to see you. If they see the ad before or after the publicity, it helps them remember the advertising. They can become a customer or easily refer someone.

3. Establish yourself as the expert- Everyone wants an expert to work on his or her problem. None of us want the new guy. The expert knows how to handle everything. When the media is talking about your favorably, you become the expert.

4. PR can being resources to the charities your small business supports- many times as small business owners we are asked to raise funds or donate to a charity. We can give a lot more when we have new clients we can partner with to make it happen. Publicity is not just about your small business. It’s also about helping others.

5. It can help build your reputation- when you are first starting your business no one knows who you are. Publicity can start to make a profile for you. In bad times, the right publicity can save your reputation. You must create trust with your clients.

Using publicity along with a good advertising budget makes you unstoppable in business. It brings clients to your without you having to do the extra work.

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