7 Tips To Boost Short-Term Lead Generation Strategies

All businesses need sales lead because this is what will power the business to success. Before you can come up with strategies in order to increase your leads conversion, you need to think about how you can devise an efficient short-term lead generation campaign. This sounds easier than it actually is, though. There are moments wherein your business suffers from a seasonal slump, which causes a slow down in the market activity and in the responses you can get from your leads.

To allow your sales lead generation to pick up even if the market activity isn’t as active, make sure you think about the following seven tips for your leads and sales goals.

1. Frequently release new product online press releases. The idea behind frequent release of online press releases is to generate a burst of activity amongst your leads while also creating buzz for new products. To make this technique work, you have to write a press release for every single product and release them regularly over a given period of time. Make sure that the press releases are well optimized and are submitted to the leading press release sites on the internet.

2. Tweak your web site. It is not enough that you are getting traffic to your site – what you should focus on is how to convert that traffic into sales. This is where the challenge lies in terms of coming up with an effective sales lead generation campaign. Some of the tweaks that you can do is direct your leads straight to the sales page. Also, you have to minimize the amount of clicks that they should do before they can get to the conversion page. Finally, try offering them something, such as a freebie or a free newsletter, to get them to sign up on the form.

3. Hold online events. Conducting seminars or other activities online is one way to generate buzz about your company or products online. However, promotion is key to ensure that this event will be a success. Start your promotion for the event 6 weeks before the actual date so you can get more people to join in.

4. Launch a PPC campaign. If you have the budget for it, why not try a PPC campaign? To increase your chances of success, try a few tips first. For example, focus on the long tail keywords that are not as popular so you can purchase them for a cheaper price. If you can properly optimize those keywords, you can potentially reach out to a targeted market that some of the big players are missing out on.

5. Renew e-mail campaign to your mailing list. It is easier to get a response from people with whom you have previously made contact with. For this reason, you need to start anew with your email campaign with people that are already part of your existing leads list. There is a tendency that people will mark your email as spam when it comes from an unknown recipient. Take full advantage of the trust and relationship you’ve built with people in your list by using this strategy.

6. Call the people in your existing leads list. Use the same technique as tip number 5, only this time do this by calling them. When you do call them, make sure that you have something important to share or talk about that will get them interested in what you had to offer.

7. Tie up with your business partners. Working with your key partners will provide lots of benefit to your short-term lead generation campaign. You can leverage their reputation in winning over new prospects or establishing your credibility. This is also one of the best ways to generate quality leads in return.

Combine any of the above tips into your lead generation campaign to guarantee that you can get results over a short term period. You do not have to necessarily come up with new strategies all the time. Sometimes, using the same old strategies but taking on a different but more concerted approach will do wonders!

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