FHTM Explained – Know What To Expect Before You Invest In FHTM

The word scam gets thrown around a lot in this industry with little to no merit but there will always be a bunch of people that like to create controversy and cry scam.

I don’t really see how people can say that there is a FHTM scam when the company has been around since 2001 and has created a lot of wealthy people.

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing has numerous products which people can purchase, the company gives you the opportunity to become a distributor so you can build a business of your own.

So the company and products are real then why is there people still saying that there is a FHTM Scam?

The answer is simple, it’s because people join FHTM with no knowledge of what it takes to market your business and to top it off the marketing training that you receive as a FHTM distributor will hold you back every step of the way.

The only problem that I can see with FHTM is the out of date marketing training that you receive, you are taught to try and sponsor your friends, family and every stranger you meet on the street.

These marketing methods are so out of date it’s not funny and is the main root of failure in the network marketing industry so if you want to be success in FHTM or any network marketing company for that matter you have to take your business into your own hands and learn the latest cutting edge marketing strategies that are working today.

So what are the latest marketing strategies that are working today?

In a nutshell it’s combining the internet with attraction marketing, if you can learn how to market online and lead with value to create and attraction around your name to create a brand for yourself then you will see a difference in your business that you would have never dreamed possible if you didn’t have your eyes opened to what I am sharing with you today.

Just because your company might be teaching out of date marketing strategies doesn’t mean that you have to go down with the ship, step away for the normal strategies that are creating the huge failure rate and become a student to online marketing and attraction marketing.

You need to separate yourself from the crowd and you do this by marketing you on the front end, throw away your company’s capture pages and create your own with a video or picture of YOU on it, don’t let your company send your prospects emails make sure you are generating your own leads and building your own list.

People join people, they do not join companies.

Now you know that the real FHTM scam is the marketing that this company teaches it is now your choice to either step to the plate and take charge, or go down with the ship and start crying FHTM Scam yourself because you allowed yourself to fall victim to these sad out of date marketing strategies.

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