Five Inside Sales Tips For Beginners

One thing that a lot of first-time marketers find very intimidating when they do their work is the initial sales call. While they do need to generate sales leads, actually doing it can be very hard to do. For one, a lot of business prospects can be really knowledgeable about their own companies. Second, business lead generation requires a level of sales skills that many first-time appointment setters do not have yet. And lastly, there is the competition to worry about. How will you be able to handle this? How can you address the challenges presented by this? Believe it or not, it can be very simple enough. And what are these tips?

1. Focus on the benefits (really, just the benefits) – offering a product or service to business prospects is not as easy as it used to be. These days, business executives are more interested in what you offer can do for them. Think about it. Would you buy something that all you hear about are the bells and whistles alone? Of course not. You would also want to know what you can achieve with what is offered to you.

2. If you want to sell fast, slow down – while it may sound counter-intuitive, doing things step-by-step is actually very helpful in speeding up the sales process. Remember, the more you aggressively push your product or service offers, the more prospects become resistant to becoming B2B leads. Take your time, follow the steps. Let things flow naturally. Business prospects will appreciate that, since you are giving them more leeway to decide in your favor.

3. Do some research (and it some more) – while it may seem like sensible to blast a lot of prospects with all general sales pitch (in order to reach more people) during the telemarketing campaign. Experience will tell you that it will not work, since business executives will only ignore it. If you want to maximize your impact on prospects, you must research more about your targets, personalize your message, and make a more appealing presentation.

4. Work hard on an account – successful entry into the business prospect’s perspective requires a lot of work. Generally speaking, it will take you about a dozen telemarketing calls before you actually get in touch with your prospects. Also, employ other points of entry to maximize your efforts. For example, you can use email, social media, and search engine optimization, among others. Combine them all properly, and you will be able to generate a lot of sales leads.

5. Watch what you say – sometimes, the way you do your inside sales may be to blame. It could be because you sound nervous, you speak to fast, your tone is too condescending, or the way you phrased you offer will not cut well with them. You should practice. Performing a little dry run by recording your voice and listening to it often makes corrections easier to do.

Even for a first-time marketer, you can still be effective in such appointment setting campaign. Just follow these tips.

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