How Can I Generate Real Estate Leads In 2008?

As a real estate agent who wants to not only survive but thrive in today’s thorny real estate market, you may be asking yourself, how can I generate real estate leads in 2008?

“2008 could be a banner year for real estate agents who have built a relationship with their clients,” according to Simon Payne, president of Ready to Go Newsletters.But, how do you build relationships with clients these days? In his December 30, 2007, press release, Simon Payne recommends three relationship building activities:

  1. Nurture their farm though regular communication. The best way to achieve this is by sending out a printed newsletter on a regular basis — at least monthly.
  2. Provide information that’s of service.
  3. Provide local market information.

While I agree with the majority of Simon Payne’s advice, I disagree with one statement he makes: “The best way to achieve this is by sending out a printed newsletter on a regular basis — at least monthly.”

I differ with Simon’s opinion because I do not think a newsletter is the best way to nurture your farm. Why not?

  • Newsletters are old school – most people no longer have the time to read something that long. They want short bites that are quick and easy to digest.
  • Newsletters are expensive and time consuming to create and deliver – other forms of communication, particularly web based communications are faster, easier and less expensive.

In my opinion, the best way to communicate and build a relationship with your farm in the 2008 real estate market is through a blog.

I’m not the only real estate marketing expert who makes this recommendation. Here is a quote from one of the most recommended real estate web site developers:

Sandy Teller, president of Sizzling Studios, says:

“With a newsletter, even an e-newsletter, there’s one method of delivery: mail — whether snail mail or email. With a blog, there are three methods of delivery:

  1. RSS feed – to be read with feed readers
  2. Email Subscription
  3. Browser – normal access just as with any web site

In addition, since blogs are interactive, visitors can add comments to posts — very Web 2.0. And they have a long shelf life because past issues are readily available by visiting the blog.”

With all that being said, I do believe there is still room for newsletters. It’s just not the best way to communicate.

When might newsletters work? When your target market (that’s your farm, past clients and your ideal real estate sales leads), is 55%2B. Many in that age range still prefer their reading in print and have more time to read a longer piece like a newsletter.

How do you determine the best way to build a relationship?

  1. Identify your target market.
  2. Choose the form of communication based on your target market’s preferences.

When you ask yourself the question, how can I generate real estate leads in 2008, follow a piece of advice Simon Payne, president of Ready to Go Newsletters gave in his press release: “Now is the time for savvy real estate agents to invest in marketing. REALTORS® with the best relationships will prosper in 2008.”

Let me help you learn to blog to generate real estate sales leads:

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