How To Generate Quality Network Marketing Leads

Generating your own network marketing leads has become far easier now that you can easily set up a blog and get a domain name, in fact many companies that used to sell MLM leads are now going out of business or having to change their products as the demand for leads has gone down so much!

So how can you start generating network marketing leads for your business and more importantly, how can you make sure you are generating high QUALITY leads for your business?

Firstly, lets look at why you should be focussed on the quality of your leads more than the quantity.

What kind of person are you looking for to join your business? Someone that wants to get rich quick? Someone that wants everything for free? Probably not.

You should be looking for people that are serious about building a business online, that have the determination to actually work and of course, someone that knows they will have to part with some money to get started and to access training.

So how do you attract the right kind of person on to your mailing list?

You need to think about where these people hang out online, what kinds of things they search for online, what their needs are, what questions they have.

Write to attract THOSE people. Don’t write hype about making a gazillion dollars in a day doing no work. Do you think that will attract someone who is SERIOUS about building a business? Be realistic, because that is what is going to attract your ideal prospect.

One thing I read recently, which makes perfect sense, is be careful of using the word FREE all the time. Why? Because you don’t want people who are just looking for freebies. Also, labelling something as free can cheapen it. Try and avoid using free as a hook ALL the time and see how the kind of leads you get change.

Now you also need to look at the triggers you are using…are you hitting the sore spot of a determined individual or a lazy one? Let me give you an example…If I said “want to see how I only work 2 hours a day in my pyjamas?” do you think I would attract those that are ready to become millionaires or those that want to do less work?

Even if you DO only work 2 hours a day in your pyjamas you probably had to work darn hard to get to that point, or you are not making any money.

If I said to “Discover the strategies you NEED to learn in order to be successful online” I would attract people that are willing to learn, work hard and commit.

Words are so powerful, be careful how you use them if you want to attract serious prospects.

While you may be thinking that you will now lose a lot of traffic or leads by not doing things to just attract the masses, you may be surprised. How many of your potential “heavy hitters” left your website or page because they didn’t LIKE the hype?

You won’t know till you start targeting THEM instead!

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