How To Generate Real Estate Leads For About A Dollar A Day

Real estate leads are of the utmost importance for any agent or mortgage broker, whether they are independent or employed by large company or firm. Finding and securing stable leads and converting them into buyers is what ultimately fuels the profit for any company, but finding viable real estate leads can often be difficult. While community networking can be a way to generate some leads, and although there are Web sites that exist which provide leads for a fee, a real estate call capture service can provide excellent real estate leads for about a dollar a day.

Call capture systems operate on the principle of traditional 1-800 numbers. The agent or broker pays for the line, which is now virtual rather than a “hard line”, and potential clients who dial the number are charged nothing for the call. A call capture system will come with a monthly fee for services that will include the number itself as well as multiple extensions, in addition to the ability for an agent to track the number of real estate leads being generated by the number. By carefully placing the number in strategic locations – near properties that are being sold, on business cards and other marketing pieces, companies can target real estate leads the moment that they take an interest in a property.

Call capture lines operate 24/7 and can be routed to a home, cell or work phone in addition to an email or fax machine. This lets prospective clients call in at their convenience and get information about a property even if the office is closed or if no one is around to take their call. The system also “captures” the data of every person that calls in, allowing an agent or broker to easily contact leads with follow-up to their original phone call.

This method of generating real estate leads has a number of benefits when compared to using a for-pay lead generation company. With a call capture system, only interested parties are calling to inquire about properties, giving an agent the ability to focus their time and energy on quality real estate leads that have a good chance of being converted to sales. When buying leads, an agent must trust that not only are the leads genuine, but also that they have not been sold to multiple other companies in the course of a few days or weeks. Paying for leads that someone else has already taken can severely compromise the profitability of a business.

A real estate lead call capture system, meanwhile, provides an option for agents to tailor their use of the number through targeted marketing to ensure that only the best locations are used to display the number – ones that result in a high conversion ratio. Add to this the fact that many call capture systems work out to an approximate cost of one dollar per day for use, and possibilities emerge.

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