How to Generate Sales Leads for Your Business

To generate sales leads the best way is to use social media. However, studies show that popular social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter are not very effective in generating quality leads. On the other hand, it has been found that seminars conducted over the internet, SEO and SEM methods are quite effective.

Despite these findings some companies have found Facebook and Twitter very effective in finding their sales leads.

What is best suited for sales leads for your company can be determined only by putting into test several different lead making approaches.

You can take the help of dozens of sales and marketing experts to find out which lead generation methods showed the best results for themselves or their clients. We list some of the tried and tested methods to generate quality sales leads.

Customer recommendation

Customer recommendations have proven an effective tool in generating sales leads. A happy customer is an asset for any company. He/she will know what the company is offering and most likely has a good idea of what a probable customer wants. The customer is your lead and he/she is well qualified to market your company. Beyond this, you will have great reliability with the prospect since you come into the picture because someone trusts you.


These are the cheapest ways to generate sales leads for an IT company or a service-based business to business company because these companies search online when they need service providers. To increase the efficiency of your search engine marketing (SEM), use long-tail keyword phrases, which are exceedingly targeted search terms typically consisting of three words or more. In terms of SEO, mull over something instructive, something your viewers could benefit from. After finding the keywords, generate content around it.

Cooperative marketing

This is an excellent lead generation strategy. Associative with matching, non-competitive sellers to trade leads, endorse each others’ goods and services. However, these alliances are not easy to handle.

Providing useful content

You can set the stage to win business deals. This is especially possible for companies that create educational content. Never show that you are trying hard to sell your product. Instead, you can give your prospective customers helpful information in the form of blogs, eBooks, webinars, case studies etc, and win their trust and business.

Talk at trade shows, conferences

Give a presentation at an event and track it with personalized letters and emails to individuals that you met at the event. The fact that the customer has met you once makes you stand out from other service providers.

Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a good source of leads for IT companies and professional services organizations. This is because LinkedIn is used mostly by professionals, hence good for B2B marketers.


You can use Twitter to endorse sales as well as to find sales leads by following business signals.

Give contact details on multiple web pages

By monitoring website traffic, you can watch people and their preferences. Having your contact info on every page of your website increases the probability of people contacting you.

Live chat

Live chat is effective in generating sales leads, particularly since most IT pros are looking for quick replies.

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