How to Generate Targeted Leads Using Free Classified Ads

Does it seem like that simple free advertising no longer exist? The truth is that there are many sites that specialize in free classified advertising. Free Classified Ads are great way to generate free targeted leads to your website. When you use free ads, you target buyers instead of shoppers.

There are three benefits of using free classified advertising online to promote your business, product, or service.

1. It is very easy to place a Free Classified Ad.

Most websites are easy to navigate and allow you to place an ad in a just a few simple steps. Most sites are easy to find categories, and the submission of the ad is free. Some sites allow you to post more than one ad, and in more than one category. Free Classified Ads will also offer a subscription or membership to give you more advantages such as sending bulk email advertisements and solo ads.

2. You can reach a larger diverse audience.

Placing a free classified ad on an online site allows you to go global instead of just local now. This gives you the advantage of reaching more readers and the more readers you have the more leads you can generate. Depending on your style of ad, this will generate targeted traffic to your site.

3. Potential Customers will see your ad and contact you directly about your product or service.

Free Classified Ads Grab the Attention of your target audience. You know they have been targeted because they have chosen your category to find your product or service. This allows you to ad a link directly to your site, they don’t have to make a phone call. This gives you the opportunity to send that reader right to your lead capture page.

The more targeted traffic that is sent to your site could mean more opt ins and higher conversion rates. This will help you build your list of clients and customers. Without a list you do not have a business. Using Free Classified Ads are a great way to generate traffic to your site and build your business on a budget.

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