Implementing a Self Liquidating Offer in Your MLM Business

Marketing an MLM business on the internet can be a very profitable endeavor if done the right way. But the biggest problem that most people will run into is the necessary cash flow to run a business for the long term. There are marketing costs associated with running a business and it will eventually put pressure on the recruiting process. People spend a lot of money on leads for their business in hopes to barely eek out a profit. This can lead to desperate sales techniques which never really help the cause. The sad thing is that desperation can turn into hopelessness which is why many people quit this industry.

If they knew anything about how to use a self liquidating offer in their business they could create immediate cash flow. Leading with your opportunity is never a good idea. You shouldn’t be focused on recruiting on the front end of your business but by creating upfront cash flow through retailing. At the end of the day your primary goal will be to build a network marketing business, but generating positive cash flow upfront can help your business grow much faster and having a funding plan in place can make that happen.

So what is a funding plan? A funding plan is a strategy where you retail a low priced item to your list of targeted subscribers before offering them your main product, your main product being your MLM business. The whole process should run like clockwork with the end goal being a profitable network marketing business. In layman’s terms a well designed funding plan serves two main purposes. First it creates the necessary cash flow required to run your business and secondly it sifts, sorts, and selects your prospects.

Here is how a well designed marketing system incorporates a self liquidating offer. The first step is about lead generation. The internet is the very best medium to use when utilizing the funded proposal concept. So what you want to do is generate MLM leads by using various marketing strategies. You want to drive traffic to your site so you can collect your visitors name and email address for followup. Once that is done you have the luxury of contacting them whenever you wish through email, the only downside being they can decide to unsubscribe from your mailings at any time. Don’t worry if some of this stuff is over your head, with the proper training you’ll be generating leads in no time.

The next step is the followup process. This where your cash flow generation strategy will go into effect. The followup messages are created by you so you can sell your front end low cost product to generate upfront cash flow and stay out of the red. The info product that you offer should be something to help your target market in their business

Now the people who bought your low cost product would be far more likely to buy into your main offer which is your MLM business. The one’s that didn’t probably wouldn’t. The next part of the process is to contact your product customers preferably by phone to offer them a chance to work with you. Since the trust factor is high, its easier to sell them your business opportunity. Putting a proper funding plan in place can make your business grow by leaps and bounds. Wouldn’t you agree?

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