Melaleuca – How To Generate Fresh Targeted Leads For Your Melaleuca Business

In today’s marketplace and in this highly competitive MLM industry, knowing how to generate leads for your Melaleuca business can be the difference between success or failure. Everyone knows that no leads = no sales, however this is one of the biggest obstacles faced by home business owners. If you are not generating leads daily for your Melaleuca business, be sure to pay attention to the rest of this article.

Generating Fresh, Targeted Leads For Your Melaleuca Business

Article Marketing – Have you ever heard the expression “The pen is mightier than the sword”? Well, that relates to what I’m going to talk to you about first, and that is article marketing. This is one of the most effective ways to generate leads online, however it often overlooked by Melaleuca reps because it does require some effort on you part (it’s free too).

Writing articles about your opportunity, product, company, etc… can generate you leads for months to come. People search the Internet for information and that’s exactly what an article provides. The search engines love articles and are always looking to bring their clients (anyone who searches for something) new, unique, fresh information which is often an article. It’s very common to do a search on Google and see articles (especially from EzineArticles) on the first page.

If you take the time to learn article marketing and do it on a consistent basis, you will be in good shape with your Melaleuca business.

Facebook PPC – Ever heard of Facebook? While some may think it’s just a hang out and a way to connect with old friends, others are using it to generate a serious amount of leads for their Melaleuca business. Facebook offers an advertising program that is very similar to Google adwords. Those ads you see on the right side of the screen when you’re hanging on Facebook are PPC ads.

Now, this will cost money so you will need a small budget, but it’s worth it. Facebook will only place your ads in front of a target audience so the leads you generate will be quality leads.

So there you have it folks. Using one of these methods can bring you enough leads to build a successful Melaleuca business. Whether or not you take action and put any of them to work is up to you.

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