MLM Lead Generation With ViralURL

This article is a quick review a very powerful MLM Lead Generation and affiliate marketing tool called ViralURL.

It is 100% FREE to join ViralURL. But, you should consider taking them up on their one time offer after you join to become a Gold member.

Here is why you should become a Gold member and how I have been using ViralURL as a key MLM lead generation tool in my business.

By upgrading to the gold membership level, you get the ability to send out an email to 3,000 random members every three days. So, with a little bit of effort and maybe some additional online MLM training, you can leverage your ViralURL membership as a list building tool.

This is so important because the key to building an MLM business online or an affiliate marketing business online isn’t really in your product or opportunity. The key to building your business, whether that’s affiliate marketing or MLM, is in lead generation and list building.

Now ViralURL is really much more than a list building tool, which is explained a bit more further down in this review. But, list building is what I have been using ViralURL for so far and I’ve found it to be a very powerful tool.

The results it has produced in a pretty short period of time have been pretty amazing.

When I signed up to join ViralURL, I immediately upgraded to become a Gold Member. The first email I sent out to 3,000 random members wasn’t even an email I created. The email was copied and pasted from a colleague who was willing to share a few of his online MLM tips with me.

Well I started getting leads opting into my list almost right away. Within three days of sending that first email I had ten leads signed up on my list. At least one of those leads is responsible for sending some affiliate commissions my way already.

So yes, now I’m sending those emails every three days and watching my list continue to grow.

Now here’s the funny part of this story. I didn’t even understand what ViralURL was when I signed up and started using it. You see ViralURL is really a tool to cloak, promote and track your affiliate links. It is a list builder also, that’s why they have the feature to email 3,000 members.

So far, I’ve only been using ViralURL as an MLM Lead Generation tool. Guess I still have some work to get back in and see what all this powerful tool can do for my business.

I’d invite you to come have a look at ViralURL for yourself. I think you’ll be pleased you did. Think about the power of being able to send an email to 30,000 people every month and build your own list.

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