MLM Lead Specialist Review – Are Their MLM Leads Any Good?

MLM Lead Specialist is a company that provides MLM leads to people involved with network marketing programs. They have an assortment of different lead options assist networkers in growing their businesses.

With many MLM lead companies out there, how do they rate? Are they any good?

First, we need to look at a couple of truths in this industry:

1. All Leads Stink

Seriously, it doesn’t matter what type of cold-lead source you are using – the majority of those leads will never do business with you. It’s not that leads don’t work: they do. If you’re in a home-business, you need to have tons of leads available to build your business, but no matter how targeted, “real-time”, or triple-interviewed the leads may be, most will not do business with you.

We can use this to our advantage by building a marketing system that weeds through that crowd and simply leaves you with the people that are truly interested in what you are offering. And that leads into the next point…

2. Marketing Systems Are Critical

Even if you have 10,000 targeted, interested leads available, you still need a marketing system to put those leads through to get any results. That means they must be prospected, presented, and ultimately closed in order for you to see any return on those leads. Most networkers first start out with the wrong lead type (usually biz-op leads…which are simply a waste of time) and then try to put them through the wrong marketing system (usually whatever lame setup their company has given them – a sizzle call, replicated website, or some other ineffective tool).

What MLM Lead Specialist cannot give you is the skill-set to turn those leads into cash. They may have targeted leads, but it’s up to you to get the skills to monetize those leads and help them with your product, service, and opportunity.

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