Network Marketing – How to Generate an Endless List of High Quality Leads For Your MLM Business

Have you reached a point with your current MLM business in which you’re ready to throw in the towel because of the endless calls you make trying to get people to join your MLM? Maybe the leads that you’re receiving through your MLM or an affiliate of theirs are simply put “dead ends.” I’d like to share with you a few internet tools that you can use that will provide you with high quality leads which, in turn, will make prospecting people for your business painless. These tools are Twitter and a Blog.

Twitter is a free networking site which allows you to send and receive updates from other people called tweets. Twitter is much like a blog whereas you can start up a log regarding any subject matter, however, you are limited to 140 characters per tweet. Twitter is still in its early stages but it is growing significantly each month. Many people use Twitter as a way to connect with friends but it is starting to become the new wave in attraction marketing.

A second free networking tool is a Blog. A Blog is web site in which you can keep a log of events, articles, videos and subject matter. You have the option of allowing other people to post feedback pertaining to the content you post on your blog which increases your audience. Something you must look into before starting up a blog, however, is what type of blog do you want to have, for there are two types: a web based and a server based. A web based blog is provided by a web host. The blog is easy to use because it is already set up for you so there is no worrying about how to load up a bunch of graphics and tools. You can simply sign into your blog and start entering content.

A draw back to this type of blog is that it is owned by someone else. Blog sites that are sight owned have rules regarding what type of content can be posted – and the rules are not always spelled out in full detail. Thus, if you were to break a rule, they have the right to pull down your blog and all of your information will be gone forever.

The other type of blog is server based. This type is sometimes are a bit technical to use so there is a learning curve involved. But there is far greater flexibility because you own the information. You can design the look however you want and post whatever subject matter you choose without worrying about your blog being shut down for breaking any regulations. Both of these tools are great at generating traffic which in turn will supply you with leads for your MLM business. There is no right or wrong on which one to use because they are both very effective. To best maximize your efforts and to be effective use both tools and create links to direct the person from your blog to your twitter page – and vice versa.

What has been provided to you are two very useful internet tools that will provide you with high quality leads at little or no cost to you whatsoever. Either of these two tools will help you attract better leads without the costly downside.

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