Online MLM Lead Generation – Free Classifieds Equals Free Leads!

Without leads, your network marketing business will slow to a halt.  Sure, you can go online and buy leads by the hundred, but you’re also going to spend and arm and a leg too.  The network marketers that can create endless leads for free have a real advantage over those who are still building lists of friends and family.  And one of the best things about creating leads with free classified ads is… you guessed it… they’re FREE!

Here are some things to keep in mind when creating your ads:

1.) Master short ad copy for your headline.  You need to gain the reader’s attention and spark their curiosity.  Nothing more.  If someone reads your ad headline and knows exactly what your offer or opportunity is, you’re giving them WAY too much information.  You need to make them WONDER what you’re offering.  However, don’t mislead your reader with your words.

2.) In the body of your ad, share not only the features of your opportunity… but also share the benefits.  Don’t just talk about how they’ll be part of a winning team.  Talk about the team support they’ll be getting (feature) which means they won’t be left wondering what to do to succeed (benefit).

3.) Always include your contact information (email, phone, other) or a website URL that the reader can get some more information.  My preference is to forward the reader to a website where I can collect their name and email address.  This is called a capture page.  By capturing their information now, I can promote my business, give them free training, and continue to share information with them over time.  Most people that see your ads won’t get started immediately.  You’ll want to follow up with them, give them more info, and eventually they’ll get started.

Some free classified websites that you can post your ad to are:

Post a few ads a day on each of the sites and you should see a steady stream of leads coming in.  Also keep in mind that this is only one of dozens of ways to create leads online for your network marketing business.

To Your Success,

Adam Holland

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