Online Prospecting Tool to Create a Recruiting Explosion

In traditional network marketing today, building an organization is not easy. Many are faced with disappointment and rejection in their network marketing prospecting.

Without a proper prospecting tool, many network marketers, after depleting their warm market, are faced with approaching the cold market which is tough especially for those who are shy. What you need to do to build an organization is to generate enthusiasm, initiative and momentum. The way to do this is via online prospecting tool. This will allow you to work smart rather than hard.

– The Magnetic Sponsoring System

Magnetic Sponsoring is a system created by Mike Dillard who went from waiting tables to millionaire in less than two years. He was able to do this when he ‘cracked the code’ to network marketing and came up with the system that has become a profitable lead generation machine churning high quality leads. The magnetic sponsoring system teaches you to become the hunted instead of the hunter. By branding yourself, you are able to attract an endless stream of new prospects, thus building more leads and more cash for your network marketing business today. Better still, the system teaches you how to generate cashflow from leads who do not even join your network marketing business opportunity today.

– The Renegade Network Marketer System

The Renegade Network Marketer System, founded by Ann Sieg, goes against the grain of traditional network marketing where the network marketer learns everything, from building name lists to cold calling dead beat opportunity leads, from their uplines. All these obsolete methods are being overtaken by a new wave of online network marketing prospecting. This enables you to have tons of pre-sold prospects coming to you without having to spend hours on the phone or attending a single hotel meeting. This creates prospects who are literally lining up for your network marketing opportunity instead.

– MLM Lead System Pro (MLSP)

The MLSP was founded by three top earners and industry leaders which pays commissions based on referrals. The MLSP also teaches you to lend credibility to yourself by branding you on the net and creating value to your prospects. No matter what network marketing company you are in, as long as you continuously build relationships with your prospects, the MLSP will help you build your list and generate cash. This in turn creates cashflow as well as helps you build your residual income. The best part is that you can try out the system for 14 days for just a measly ONE DOLLAR. That is right! For just $1, you can start generating leads, building your list, promoting yourself as a leader and profiting from the powerful sales funnels created so as to immediately put cash in your pocket.

If the right marketing tactics and network marketing prospecting techniques are applied to your network marketing business today, creating a recruiting explosion is far from impossible. The end result is time and financial freedom.

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