Rexair Rainbow Review – Does The Rexair Rainbow Live Up To The Hype?

Rexair Business Review

Rexair is a network marketing company that manufactures and sells its unique cleaning system called the Rainbow. The company was founded in 1929 by Leslie H. Green, and the product is similar to a vacuum cleaner except that it uses water to trap dust – based on the idea that wet dust can’t fly.

Rainbow Product Review

The product is only available to buy from registered Rexair Distributors, who build their own business by sharing the products with others. The traditional way of selling the Rexair Rainbow is through demonstrations and sales parties, usually to friends and family. This means that you can’t buy it in the shops or online, only from a distributor.

Business Opportunity

As a distributor this gives you a good opportunity to grow a big business, but if you use the traditional means of just trying to sell to friends and family then unfortunately you probably wont get very far. This business model is out of date and proven to fail in the 21 st century. There is a whole world out there, why waste your time just trying to sell to a small group of people that you know?

In order to explode your Rexair business and sell more Rainbows than you ever dreamed of, you need to bring your business approach into the 21 st century. You need to learn the art of target marketing on the internet, giving you the potential to generate hundreds of leads every single week. What’s more, these leads will be highly targeted.

You can learn how to find asthma sufferers, for example, whose health depends on reducing the amount of dust in the atmosphere. You can learn to find new moms who want to have a clean house for their baby, or pet owners who want to effectively clean up the hairs that become attached to their new carpet.

All these people are ideal customers for the Rexair Rainbow, and these are the people you should be pitching to, not just your friends and family. To find them, all you need to do is learn the secrets behind internet marketing, and in no time you could be selling tons of units and adding 2-3 people every single DAY into your business.

So the truth is the Rexair Rainbow could definitely be worth the hype, provided you have the skill-set required to sell it.

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