Secrets of Article Promotion – How to Generate 1,000 Fresh Leads Monthly

What kind of sales do you think you could generate with 1,000 unique subscribers to your list every single month.

Well, it’s not that hard to achieve and tons of people are doing just that. They are attracting 1,000 subscribers to their squeeze pages every 4 weeks and you can do the same.

It’s easy to keep track of the number of subscribers to your list – you just need to check the statistics in your auto responder account on a regular basis. You can work out how many articles you need to write in order to produce how many subscribers. That’s how I did it. And let me tell you when you achieve 1,000 articles per month there is so much you can do online.

You can play with your figures to make improvements, you can create new products every month and monitor conversions, there is so much you can do because you have the volume of new traffic each month to test.

Let’s say you sell a $2k tele-class every month. If you have 1,000 new subscribers and you have a conversion rate of 1.5% then that’s 15 new sales per month or $30,000 in revenue each and every month and that’s just one product.

Do you know what you would do with 1,000 new subscribers every month?

Now here are some tips that will help you generate 1,000 subscribers:

1) You need a squeeze page that converts at 50% or so. So in fact you will need 2,000 visitors to visit your squeeze page and 50% of them will leave their details.

2) You need to write articles that pull in the readers. You can monitor over time the article titles that pull in the best. If you can upload a number of articles that achieve 100 views over a 4 week period then you need only produce 40 such articles per month. But to be on the safe side you should produce a say 100 articles just to cover yourself.

3) You will need to monitor and test your statistics to settle on the number of articles you need to write to attract 1,000 new sign ups per month.

4) So how can you write that many articles per month – how can you write 100 articles? All you have to do is work backwards. 100 articles over a 4 week period is 25 per week. And 25 articles over a 5 day period is 5 articles per day. If you have been with me for a while you know that I sometimes write 20 articles per day. I have now started outsourcing and focusing more on product creation but it can be done.

And believe me with 1,000 new subscribers per month your income potential is down to you.

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