Tactics to Boost Webcast or Webinar Attendance & Registration

Since the past few years, webinars have emerged as the significant genesis of knowledge sharing and managing customer queries. Also, they are substantially contributing to a lead generation. Researchers and surveys have proven the fact that more than 50% of marketers are generating new leads through webinars or webcast. However, to stimulate your webinar session or webcast event, you need to have a concrete plan to gather considerable participants. So, the real challenge lies in inviting people through registrations to attend your webcast and confirming their actual presence to have a right amount of audience. Directly speaking, you can achieve this through 3 ways which include an active topic, a creative promotion and a blend of tools to upgrade and streamline lead generation and engagement. Here are some of the tricks you may use to attract the audience:

> Landing page for efficient communication- Generally, lots of efforts are taken for getting the registrations for a webcast but, it becomes a fiasco if attendees don’t show up. So, securing the listings is more important. For this purpose, all you need to do is to create a sense of interest among the viewers through a landing page consisting of a catchy headline, the precise gist of the event and relevant visuals. So, a promotional method is significant that has limited customized choices along with an ability to check the evaluation process. Appropriate webinar landing page gets a fair conversation rate. Before a direct communication, landing page plays a crucial role in creating excitement among the potential participants.

> Registration invitations- The crucial point we often come across is getting qualified or authentic registrations. It could help you in determining the promotional channel for your webinar, If your webinar is regarding knowledge sharing or informative; you are most likely to invite sales guys and potential buyers. If you want to make your webinar viral on website, social media or blog; webcast invitation e-mailers are incredibly crucial. It helps in generating the participants from potential customers. Make sure you provide the required information in the most precise format taking into account the readability. You can shoot this e-mailer according to your promotional strategy, say for example a week before a webcast or a day before the event takes place. Shooting mailers at the right time towards the right kind of target audience help you hit the bull’s eye!

> Sales empowerment through new leads- Generally, existing leads or potential ones can be invited through emails. But, speaking in context to a webinar, you should consider different leads that would meet you through webinar, ads or social media channels. Leads you get through webinar are qualified leads, so it’s advisable to connect them with your sales team as early as possible. Website visits, email tracking, can be done in a hassle free manner through integrating your leads.

> Engagement before webinar; make it sure- To ensure the actual participation of a maximum number of registered entries to your webinar, you need to keep them involved in your activity since the beginning. Nowadays, a majority of webcast tools offer you the surveys or contests to be conducted through which you can attract the participants to your event. Through such reviews, you can identify the interest factor preferred by most of the audiences. If people like the topic, they are likely to share, comment and interact on your webinar before the commencement. Sending landing pages, URLs, etc. are those online activities which make the news of the webcast viral across the world. You need to see what is trending the most across social media which you can link to your webcast to attract the audience.

> Focus on reminder messages- To get more registrations, you need to ensure that you are sending reminders to the participants. It’s a great way to let the people know that they need to keep their time for an upcoming webinar. Those who have skipped your earlier invitations too can be made aware of the webinar through such reminders. Research has proven that sending reminder emails to the participants increase the participation in your webinar in a significant way.

> Post webinar engagement- If you have an adequately right content for the topic of your webinar and a strategy for conducting it; the event is going to be successful. Making the sessions exciting and interactive preserves your audience which defines the success. However, once it is over; the challenge is to keep still them engaged with what you have done. Surveys, interviews, feedback sessions can help a lot in gathering the response of the attendees. Webcast tools are available that allow you to conduct such reviews.

> Attendees information- Since you have an integrated system containing the details of the webinar attendees; it is easier for you to invite them to future events. Keeping an organized record of the participants helps you to keep track of what people liked more. It also helps your salespeople to collect more qualified leads in context to a specific type of webinar.

These are a few simple ways you can streamline your webinar event to ensure you get the maximum number of participants through registrations. Further, you can make sure that they attend it actively. Getting sign-ups and confirmed participation in your webinar makes it a grand event.

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