The Most Effective Internet Marketing: High Lead Volume Vs High Quality Leads

Increasing Internet Leads Vs Increasing Higher Quality Leads

Do more leads = more business?

Is it quantity or quality that is most important to your lead generation efforts? Would you rather have 100 leads with only 5 that are qualified or have 10 leads where 8 are qualified?

In a recent case, a merchant processing company audited her Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies work to determine why she had “all of these bogus leads, while her competitor/friend was closing 30 percent of their internet leads.”

It was determined that 97% of her website leads generated through her search engine optimization company had never even made initial contact with her reps. A lot of time was being wasted calling numbers that never answered. They spent roughly 3 hours a day sifting through, importing into their database, and making outbound calls to find out that 97% of there leads were worthless.

Based on some preliminary estimates, the CPA determined the company was losing $5,000 a week in lost productivity and staffing the company at a level to support calling the leads.

Higher Quality leads = Higher ROI

If you are trying to increase your internet lead generation efforts, the focus should be on high quality even if it sacrifices volume because you will have a greater Return on Investment. To generate higher quality leads, you must change your method of internet marketing. You do not want SEO until you have first built a website that has proven to convert your website traffic into sales.

It sounds simple but most websites do not do any type of conversion testing. Must websites have bounce rates higher than 90%. This means that 9 out of 10 visitors leave the site before clicking to another page to find out more information.

In layman’s terms, 9 out of 10 visitors don’t like your home page.

To test for conversions, you need to either begin the process yourself using A/B testing or Multivariate testing. In general, you will create a homepage and then label that the control page. Then you will duplicate that page but change only 1 variable.

Control page Example: Instead of saying “Welcome to the website”

Test page Example: “Internet Marketing with Guaranteed Results”

This was an actual test that was on the home page. The test page had a 150% better conversion rate than the control page. When further tests were conducted, the page went from 10 leads generated for the month of March to 50 leads generated for the month of April.

Through the process of Conversion Optimization, you can determine exactly which pages on your website generate leads and which pages cause people to leave your site.

So if you are feeling like your SEO is not working or have other concerns about your SEO company, you should look into an SEO Audit of your website. SEO Audits reveal if you are generating high quality traffic or if you are producing the junk traffic.

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