The Smartest Way To Generate Leads

To build a successful online business you need a list. “A list” is a collection of contact information of people in your target market. Unlike a brick and mortar store, people need to feel ‘safe’ with the owners of an online business before they will buy. WHY? The internet is scary and many people don’t understand how it works. They wonder who they are giving their credit card information out to and if the product they’re purchasing is worth the money.

So successful internet marketers know that they must build a relationship of trust with their audience first, to create lasting customers. The best way to build this relationship is to collect their information and send them regular emails. These emails should let your audience see a glimpse into your life. Also, you should offer some valuable content. Through these emails you can offer tools that will help your reader’s succeed in business. These can be tools that will make you a commission.

The big question remains: How do you attract these people to you and why should they give you their contact info? You must find or create something of value that you can give out in exchange for their contact information. That sounds easy, but when you are just starting out, usually you don’t have too much of value to dish out.

One thing you can do is create a video boot camp. Take someone through a process that you have successful gone through and had positive results. Don’t worry, even if you are just starting out, there are options for you. Now maybe the only thing you have ever done is create a capture page and opt-in box which you are using to build your list. You can definitely make a video explaining how to do something like that. Even if you outsourced it, you can still explain how a person can leverage their time and money to produce results. Think of it, “Discover How To Save Countless Hours AND Look Like a Pro”, and then you tell them how to outsource and how to get the best results.

But by far, the easiest and smartest answer is that you must leverage the work of other people. And, no, that does not involve stealing or plagiarizing. There are some marketing systems that give you free trainings that you can leverage as your own. So there might be a product worth $297 that you are allowed to give away for free, or in exchange for someone’s contact information. Also many marketing system have free training webinars to which you can invite prospects. I hope you can see how attractive that would make you?

If you choose to do this without a marketing system, it will take a little longer. You have to learn all the technical aspects and the marketing aspects. It is totally possible but you have an uphill battle. Once you get those two aspects under your belt, then you need to create something of quality to give out for free when your prospect fills out a form with their contact information. Remember this transaction will be the first you and your prospect will have. Over-delivering will definitely work to your benefit

Generating leads is often the hardest part of marketing online, but if you can learn how to use tools to leverage your efforts you can start building a list quite quickly.

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