Twitter-iGoogle-RSS Auto Lead Generation Technique

A quintessential ‘internet marketing trick’ as it requires no skill, no money, no software and very little time. Depending upon your industry you can generate between 10 – 30 hot leads daily off Twitter using this technique. Do you need a lot followers? None, actually. Can you start tomorrow? Yes.

This lead generation methodology basically involves using RSS feeds of twitter search terms to display hot leads onto your iGoogle home page.

Step up Your iGoogle Account

iGoogle is a customizable home page browser dashboard. You need a Gmail account (Something every good internet marketer should have anyways). Head over to Google search: iGoogle to set up your free dashboard.

Create Tabs & Add Stuff

On the left side of the screen you will see the home tab. Click on it, then click on the little drop down arrow, click Add a tab. Name this tab something like marketing dashboard.

Go to Twitter Search

Google: Twitter search. This is page is Twitter’s search functionality, its allows you to enter phrases and search the Tweets of +200 Million twitter users.

Find a Good Lead Generation Phrase

Now enter a short search phrase that fits the kinds of leads you are looking to generate. Here’s some examples

Your Profession

Tweet Search Phrase


Hire an attorney


Sell my house

Business Financier

Need an investor

Twitter allows you advanced search options to specify by geographic location, recency of tweet, exclude keywords, exact phrase, etc. You’ll have to do some experimentation as some phrases will just return pages and pages of tweets by bloggers or internet marketers talking about your subject. Whereas some phrases will do a great job of targeting people who are realistic prospects for your product or service.

Get the RSS Feed

When you find a good search phrase click ‘Feed for this query’ (w/orange RSS icon) in the upper right hand corner of the screen. It will pull up a page full of code. All you need to do here is copy the URL address of this page.

Add to Your iGoogle

Now go back to your iGoogle and click Add Stuff in upper right hand corner of your screen. This will take you to the iGoogle gadgets area where you can find thousands of useful gadgets. Now scroll down just a little and look in the lower left hand corner. Click Add feed or Gadget and enter the URL address for the Twitter RSS feed. Now scroll up and click Back to iGoogle Home.

Contact Lead

You should now see on the marketing tab of your iGoogle dashboard a window that displays a feed of your hot Twitter leads. Now here’s the tricky part, you cannot directly contact strangers through Twitter. You will have to contact them through another channel.

The majority of Twitter profiles have a link to a blog, Facebook or other social media page with a way to contact that person directly with a message. About 50% of the time your will be about to contact them this way. If they don’t have a good profile link then Google search their name and a lot of times you will find them.

Tip: Everyone who uses social media profiles suffers from a proliferation of spam, so do yourself and prospective leads a favor and follow the following good practices

  • Keep your messages short
  • Use their name
  • Customize the message to what they described as their need
  • Mention that you have a solution to their problem
  • Do NOT include a link in your messages

Here an example message,

Hey Chris,

I saw you were in need of a business attorney. I’m an IP attorney with 5 years of experience. Can you tell me some more about your situation?

Best Regards,


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