Using Kijiji to Generate Leads

eBay has become so enthusiastic about online classified advertising that it going head-to-head against Craigslist! Kijiji, a free classified advertising site eBay has operated overseas for two years, is now available in about 220 cities across the United States. It’s not hard to understand why eBay is targeting the classified ad market. eBay is expanding beyond its main business of online auctions in a drive to become a global player that’s able to connect small businesses to buyers online, regardless of how they want to sell or shop.

Kijiji targets young people and young families looking for bargains locally. “It’s a free service and our focus is on building the user experience.” Yes, Kijiji is a bit tough to pronounce and spell but to gain online success through it is definitely not as complex as that. Its name was taken from the term “village” which is in Swahili. Its primary purpose if connect communities by meeting up in forums and seeing all the classified postings in your local area. A lot of success stories have now started evolving all around the globe with the amazing help and benefit that Kijiji is giving to its users. However, to make Kijiji a treasure for you, you must know how to utilize it in the most effective way possible and be knowledgeable with all the appropriate strategies that you need to apply with it.

Kijiji free classifieds have an organized structure of listing that makes searching for users easier. They have headings and subheadings which users can click on to when looking for something or in need of a product, service, or job. The posting privilege given to its users are the same for both buyers and posters. Events, vacations, resumes, real estate, jobs and many more are all made available in Kijiji. On your part, all you have to do is to locate the category that fits your search or your ad, tjust simply place it appropriately, and then you are done! Without so much worry and fuss, regardless if you are a poster or a buyer, you can gain impressive success and traffic leads for your site with Kijiji.

Once you enter the website of Kijiji, the website will lead you to choose your locality that means whichever province or state you live in. You can then use the map or settle for the dropdown list in selecting the nearest town. Start looking over the various categories in classified ad postings. Kijiji allows its users to sell and post anything from clothing to gadgets. Personal ads are also allowed like when you need to announce community events and job ads.

Click freely on the category of your choice and start following the step by step posting guide. Once you are done writing your ad, you would have to check your email for the link that Kijiji will send to you. The ad will never be confirmed as final if you will not go through this step. Bear in mind that the classifieds are presented in chronological order with the newest on top of the list. A fee only comes in for premium memberships in Kijiji if you want your ad to be given more priority, highlighted, and convenient to find for anyone. This feature is very beneficial especially if you want to make a fast sale.

Kijiji is one effective way to generate leads for your own online site. This is very helpful especially if your website is your source of income and serves as your stable business. Save more time and money by being a part of the Kijiji world!

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